Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

“All About Residual Income With Adsense”


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All About Residual Income With Adsense

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All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed


I n recent years, there has been a great deal of discussion and information
concerning Google’s Adsense program at .

There have been truckloadsof eBooks and articles written on the topic.

But in the grand scheme of things, it is a profitable program that still gets
overlooked by many who arejust coming onlineto start a business, as well as
those who have been around a while.

First, let’s take a look at exactly what Adsense is and what it is all about:

“Adsense is a program for webmasters which was
implemented by the famous Google some years ago.”

Essentially, a webmaster (a person who owns and builds one or more websites)
signs up for an account with the program, and once they are approved, they paste
the Google Adsense javascri pt code into the pages on thei r websites.

Google then starts servi ng ads to those websites, based on the keywords that it
finds in the text of the page. When a visitor clicks on one of those ads, the
webmaster makes money – usual ly a few cents per cl i ck.

However, when a site has a great deal of traffic, and when the webmaster knows
which keywords are the most profitableto target, there is a lot of money to be

It sounds simple enough, but it’s really NOT that easy. First of all, you have to be
approved – and Google is picky these days. The good news is that once one site is
approved, and you have a Google Adsense account, there is no need to seek
Google’s approval to useAdsenseon any other site that you own, aslongasthat
site i s with i n the Googl e’s terms of service gui del i nes.

Once you are approved, you have to know which keywords to target – the ones
that wi 1 1 make you the most amount of money per cl i ck, and how to write (or have
written for you) content that makes those high paying ads appear on your site.

Finally, you have to learn how to drive traffic to your Adsense site. Without the
traffic, you won’t get any clicks, and without clicks, you won’t be making any

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Getti ng real , targeted vi sitors that are eager to cl i ck on your ads i s by far the
hardest part of being an Adsense publisher. There really aren’t any secrets here-
it is just a matter of learning to use some basic, proven site promotion

You may have heard gurus say that Google Adsense is dead? If you haven’t heard
this, there will come a poi nt when you will. But that really isn’t true. In fact, there
are thousands of people j ust I i ke you that are maki ng very ni ce I i vi ngs from the
Google Adsense program.

Usually when a guru says that you should not use Google Adsense, they generally
mean that you are better off not using it, especially when you are promoting your
own product, and your website is tightly focused on that product.

However, you can use Google Adsense for a site that was built specifically for the
Adsense program (Adsense Ready Sites), or on sites that you are using to
promote aff i I i ate products as wel I .

You should also note that many successful Adsense publishers have more than
one website. They typically have numerous websites, on a variety of topics on
which they display the Google ads. H owever, there are also those that si mply have
one high traffic website, from which they make money from the Adsense

Regardless of this, all Adsense publishers start with just one website, and grow
from there, and this is what you should be doing as well. You have to get the
basics down, and learn the secrets that surround the profitability of Google
Adsense before you can be successful with more sites.

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Preparing For Your Adsense Account

The hardest part of getti ng started with Adsense is getti ng Google to approve your
website. I n fact, for many, it is easier to get a $100,000 bank loan than it is to get
a free Google Adsense account. The key is to be prepared before you apply.

You can’t start using Google Adsense on your pages until you are approved. This
means that you must prepare to open an account, before you apply for an

The very first thing you mustdoisread Google’s Terms of Service (TOS). Ifyour
site doesn’t fall within the guidelines that Google sets out, it will be denied.
Furthermore, even after you are approved and you start running Google ads on
your site, if you break theTOS, you will be removed, and possibly banned, from
the program.

Specifically, what you are looking for is the Program policies, which can be found
at http:/ / www.qooql adsense . Scrol I to the bottom of the page, and
cl i ck on then Program Pol i cies I i n k. The f i rst th i ng to note i s that Googl e wi 1 1
not accept any site that is not complete.

This means that you can’t have any pages that are ‘under constructi on.’ Al I of the
pages must be complete, and all of the I inks must be working. Make sure that all
of your graphics are also appearing correctly, because even a broken graphic can
prevent you from getting approved.

Google also has a set of Qual ity Gui del i nes that must be adhered to before you
can be approved. These gui deli nes, along with the program policies, will tell you
exactly what you can and can’t have on your site, and what is expected of you and
your site i n terms of meeting the qualifications for a Google Adsense account. You
can find these guidelines at

http:/ / www.qooql su pport/ webmasters/ bin/ an swer . py?an swer
=35769 .

One mi stake that so many would-be Adsense publishers make is not reading the
TOS, the Program Policies, and the Webmaster Guidelines. Googl el ays these out
in very specific terms, so there is no doubt as to the rules. They are also very
serious about these rul es.

Often, peopl e skip this step in the preparation – reading the rules- work hard to
build asite, onlyto bedisapproved by Google, or to be approved, but then
banned from the program later.

Don’t let this happen to you. These are rules that you must not only follow in
order to get approved, but must continue to follow in order to stay i n the

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

program. You don’t want to spend days and weeks putting together sites, only to
get kicked out of the program later. Google is very serious about this.

Once you’ve read the rules, and made sure you understand them, the next part of
the preparation is doing research to find out which topics will be the most
profitable for you, and getting the site built. Wewill cover these topics in more
depth in a later article, but for now, you just need one website that will be
approved by Google.

Remember that you only have to get approved for one site in order to get in the
program, and from there on, you can publ i sh as many sites as you want, on a
wide variety of topics, and use Google Adsense on them, from the one account
that you have been approved for.

While many just put up a website that will meet Google’s standards, without
doi ng any research in order to get approved, you could alsotakea little longer,
and go ahead and build a site that you can use to target the high paying keywords.

This is totally up to you, and it really doesn’t matter much which direction you go,
as I ong as the site wi 1 1 get you approved for a Googl e Adsense account.

I usual ly recommend creati ng and bui Idi ng a blog, and apply usi ng
that one. You may not know this, but Google owns Blogger…

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Applying For Your Adsense Account

Once you are prepared to apply for a Google Adsense account, it’s as simple as
fi 1 1 i ng out a form. But there are some aspects of that form that can be a bit
confusi ng.

I n thi s secti on, I ‘I I go over fi 1 1 i ng out the form, so that Googl e wi 1 1 approve you
without any problems. You can find theform to apply for an Adsense account at:

The first thing that theform asks for is the URL of your website. Note that even if
you have multiple sites, Google only wants to see one. So, listtheURL of the site
that you have set up for the purpose of bei ng approved for Google Adsense, and
enter theURL like this:

You do not have to includethehttp:// part of the URL, and don’t include any
subpages of the URL, such mypagehtml. Google wants
to see the main page of the site, at the top level domain.

Next, Google wants to know what language your site is published in. If your site
supports multiple languages, this is fine, but this isn’t what Google wants to
know. They want to know the primary language of the site- this would be the
language that you used to write the pages, such as English.

The next question on the form throws a lot of people into a tail spin. It asks if you
aresettingupan individual or business account.

Here is a way to simplify this question: If you do not have an office or business
that currently has 20 or more employees, you are an individual. It doesn’t matter
what your future plans are. Next, select the country that you livein.

The foil owing part of theform asks for your information: name, street address,
city, and state. It is important to note that when Google pays you, the check will
be made out to the name that you put here, and sent to the address that you put
here. So, use the information that you need to use here in order to receive the
check, and to cash or deposit the check.

After your name and address, Googlewants your telephone number. They
probably won’t call you, but someti mes they wi 1 1 , ifthereisa problem or a
question. Givea good phone number where you can be reached. You do not have
to provide a fax number.

Here, you can also choose to receive Google’s newsletter- or not. Choosing not to
receive the newsletter will not have any affect on whether or not you are

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Following this, there are a number of check boxes, all of which must be checked,
before you can submit the application.

By checking these boxes, you are sayi ng that you will not click on the ads on your
pages, that you will not encourage visitors to click on your ads (incentives), that
you are able to receive checks that are made out to you, that you will not pi ace ads
on pornographic sites, and that you have read the Adsense program policies.

Finally, you submit the form, and prepare to wait. Your site will be checked by a
live human being. Approval is manual, not automated, and it can take up to three
business days (72 hours) before you hear from a Google representative. That
contact usual I y comes vi a emai I .

– Wait, what isthis “Product selection”?

This appears on some application forms and seems confusing to many – choose
both: Adsense for Content and Adsensefor Search. This meansthat you can run
both, but don’t have to run both.

You can have Google ads appear on your pages (Adsensefor Content) and you
can also include a Google search box on your pages (Adsensefor Search), and
when people use those search boxes, and click on sponsored ads in the results,
you get pai d for those cl i cks as wel I .

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

I Have My Account – Now What?


Now that you’ve been approved for a Google Account, by building a site that
Google would easily approve, and you’ve selected a high paying topic for your
site, you are ready to get to work and build your first profitable Adsense website.

I f you have not al ready done so (you should have), you real ly need to go and read
the program policies that Google has set, as well as their Webmaster Guidelines.
This will help you to build a better site, and to avoid issues that can and will get
you banned from the Google Adsense program.

Your site should beful I of content that uses your keywords. A keyword density of
between 2 and 3% is great. This meansthat your keyword should be used
approxi mately 2 to 3% of the ti me i n your content. So, for a page that has 600
words of content, the keyword would appear twelve to eighteen times (600 x 2%
or 600×3%).

There is more to it than targeti ng keywords. The content must be accurate. 1 1
must be readable and understandable by visitors- and most importantly:

‘it Must Be Somewhat Unique!”

You should use all of the search engine optimization techniques as possible when
building your site. Notonlywill this attract the right ads, but it will alsohelpyour
site to move up in the search results, for the purpose of driving traffic to your site.

You want your site to look nice, to be informative, and to load fast. You want it to
attract the ri ght ads. You do not want anythi ng on your pages that wi 1 1 i rritate
your visitor, such as blinking, blinding text or music.

Make it a site that you would want to visit, and then ask an uninterested party,
such as your neighbor (not your best friend or your mother) if it is a site that they
would want to visit, if they were interested in the topic.

Now, you are ready to pi ace the Adsense javascript code on your pages. Log in to
your Adsense account. CI ick on the Adsense Set up tab at the top of the page.

First, click on Channels, and set up a Channel forthetopicof your site. This will
come in handy later on, when you are analyzing which of your sites is pulling in
the most money.

Next, click on palettes, and create a color palette that matches your site well. You
want your Google ads to blend into your site. If they stand out I ike a sore thumb,

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

they will get fewer clicks, simply because people really do try to avoid

You want the ads to look I i ke content on your site. Once you’ve set up a palette
that matches your site, click on products. Choose Adsense for content to create
your ad units.

H ere, you can choose ads that are enclosed i n a box, or ads that are more free
standing, but still just text links. It is a good idea to choose the link unit to add
above or below your navigational links, and you can design your site navigation
links to look just likethe Google link units.

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Above – the perfect example of a well optimized ad placement


You can use the ad units (boxed in) on other sections of your site. Those who have
been in the GoogleAdsense game for a while have done years worth of testing on
the topic of ad unit placement.

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

I deal I y, you wi 1 1 use text ads on I y’ as your setti ng. N ote that Googl e has I i mi ts as
to how many Google ads can be used on your page, please check with theTOS.

As you can see, it is fairly easy enough setting things up, but it takes a lot more
thought and effort than that. What you must remember is that you often only
make a few cents when someone clicks an ad. Each click can pay as little as one
cent, but I have seen amounts up to a couple of dol lars.

The most successful Adsense publishers are targeting keywords that pay the most
amount of money. These Adsense publ i shers use a vari ety of tool s to f i nd out
what the high paying keywords are. These tools include keyword research tools,
such as Word Tracker and Keyword Elite.

They spend a great deal of ti me research i ng those keywords, f i ndi ng out what the
top keywords are, interms of number of people searching for them, and what
word combi nati ons are bei ng used. These are words and phrases that they wi 1 1
target i n the content of thei r sites.

Next, they determine which of those top keywords topics pay the most money per
cl ick. Those who have been i n the Adsense “game” for a whi le are not going to
bui Id sites that target keywords that only pay one cent per cl i ck!

These Adsense publ i shers use the tool s that Googl e provi des to hel p deter mi ne
which keywords are paying the most to the publishers. Unfortunately, you won’t
find these tools inside your Google Adsense account. No, You need a Google
Adwords account for this- http :/ / ad wor ds.googl

You see, Google has two programs that work together: Google Adsense and
Google Adwords. Business owners use Google Adwords to promote their products
and websites and it’s those ads that are shown on your Google Adsense ads. The
business owner pays Googlefor each click generated on your website, and Google
pays you for the servi ce.

I t’s free to create a Googl e Adwords account. Once created, You j ust get i n there
and start usi ng the tool s that are there to see how much bi ds are for the keywords
that you’ve discovered usi ng keyword selection tools such as Word Tracker and
Keyword Elite.

Bydoingthis, you have access to the same information that the people who are
paying for ads has, and this helps you to build more profitable Adsense websites.

This is a nice trick that Google won’t tell you about, and that most Adsense
publishers won’t care to share it with you. Having a Google Adwords account is

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

the key to fi ndi ng out which keywords are goi ng to pay you the most amount of
money per click.

Choosing the right high paying keywords, however, isn’t everything; You need
traff i c – and I ots of i t, si mpl y because I ow traff i c si tes wi 1 1 N OT make you a f u 1 1 –
ti me I i vi ng. Th i s i s why most publ i shers have more than one website.

They find the top keywords in terms of number of searches, figure out the
keywords from that I ist that pay the most amount of money per click, and then
build sites, lots of sites…

Asuccessful Adsense publisher may have sites on topics such as fishing, weight
loss, videogames, making money, and many more. When you have multiple sites,
you can make a nice living with a mid level amount of traffic to each site.

I f you have hundreds of sites, I i ke I have, you can make a I i vi ng even with low
traffic. So, here is some food for thought: The more traffic you have per site, the
fewer sites you wi 1 1 need to earn a I i vi ng from Adsense.

You need to decide on which path to go..



All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Topic Selection?

Next you need to learn how the experts select topics for their Google Adsense
sites. Choosi ng the right topics (keywords) is the difference between success and

Let’s take a look at the various tools that you will use, and how you will use them.
First, you need keyword research tools. You can find out what the top keywords
that are bei ng searched for are with a web based tools such as Word Tracker, at . There is a fee for usingthistool, but you can
sign up for a free trial.

But finding the most frequently searched for keywords isn’t enough. Once you
have a good I i st of what peopl e are searchi ng for the most, the next step i s to f i nd
out how profitable those keywords are.

Not al I frequently searched for keywords are profitable, and if you hope to make a
full time living with Google Adsense, you need high paying keywords.

Now, before you rush out in search of a list of high paying keywords, note that
even if there was such a list, it would constantly be changing, just as the list of
frequently searched for keywords changes.

Furthermore, you don’t seriously believe that other Adsense publishers are going
to share such a list, if one even existed, do you? They wouldn’t. You have to find
this information yourself.

H ere i s where having a GoogleAdwords account will come in handy. You can see
what the adverti sers are payi ng to get i n the top positi on of the search results for
thei r keywords. Simply log in to your free GoogleAdwords account, and click on
tools.’ Next, click on Keyword Tool.

…or i n case you don’t have an Adwords account, j ust go to:
https:/ / ad words.googl sel ect/ Keywor dTool E xter nal

Enter your keywords, and then in the drop down box below that, select ‘Cost and
Ad Position Estimates.’ (it’s only available if you arelogged in to your Adwords
account) .

Type 5.00 in thelast box, and hit ‘calculate’ Now, Googlewill display possible
keywords, based on the main keyword that you entered. Next to each keyword,
you will see the estimated average CPC (cost per click) and theesti mated

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

You want to view the CPC for the keywords that will fall into the top five on
position, stated asl- 3or 1- 5. As of this writing, using the keyword phrase
‘weight loss’ you would see that the esti mated CPC for ‘weight loss operations’ is
$5.95. Now, as an advertiser, that is what you would pay per cl ick for an ad that is
being run on position 1-3 when that keyword phrase is searched for.

Asa publisher, however, you would not make $5.95 per click. Google wants their
share as well. Google doesn’t state what percentage is earned by the publisher,
however. It varies, and how that percentage is figured is Google’s secret, and they
are not shari ng that i nformati on !

You basically have to pull a percentage out of the air to work with. Try using 30%
as a guide.

Once you start getti ng cl i cks, you can then I ook to see what the esti mated CPC i s
i n Adwords, and then see how much you were pai d for that cl i ck i n Adsense to
find out how much Google is paying you per click for that keyword. Again, this
vari es from one keyword to the next, so there are no set guidel i nes here.

Keep in mind that it’s maximum bid that’s displayed, meaning that’s what the
advertiser would have to pay per click on an ad being shown on positions lto 3
in the sponsored search results.

Now imagine if you havelotsof ad blocks on your page– that will enablethe
cheaper ads to be displayed as wel I . You wi 1 1 discover that most of the ti me you ‘I I
end up getting clicks on those, thereby making only a few cents…

“My suggestion: Less Ad Blocks!
– This Will Get You More Revenue Per Click!”

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Traffic Generation – Methods To Avoid

There are many ways to get traffic to a site. You wi 1 1 most I i kely do research to
find out about those traffic generation methods.

Methods such as article marketing, forum marketing, pay-per-click advertising,
social networking, blogging, and social bookmarkingall work very wel I .

But in the world of Internet Marketing, there are also traffic techniques that you
should avoid, for various reasons.

“I ncidentally, we’ll kick start this section of
Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
with traffic techniques vou should avoid ”

1 First, do not ever pay for traff i c from a si te that promi ses you a great
deal of traff ic in a short amount of ti me. The traffic that you get will not be
targeted, and will be of no use to you at all. The same applies to traffic
exchange sites.

I n fact, many of these sites are scam sites, and the traff ic that you get wi 1 1
actually be automated traffic, not real traffic. Pay-per-click advertising, or
PPC as i t i s known, i s not the same as these sites that promi se traff i c for a

Goto Google and do a search for “buy website traffic” and make sure NOT
to buy from any of those, because this is useless traffic – that in the
end will get you banned!

2. Do not spend hours, or even use automated software to submit your site to
free cl assi f i ed ad si tes or free f or al I I i n k si tes. Th i s on I y resu I ts i n I ots of
spam for you. It does not result in traffic.

3. Don’t use pop ups. People hate these, and most people now have software
installed that keeps pop ups from popping. Avoid other irritating elements
on your site as well, such as blinking text and music, and colors that clash.
Your visitors will hit the back button in one second flat! Besides- popups
are agai nst the Adsense TOS.

4. Don’t use false statements or exaggerated statements in your advertising.
This may get you visitors, but it will irritate them, and they won’t click on

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Instead, they will either close the browser, or hittheback button. You may
not be selling anything, but this is false advertisement none-the-less, and
it makes peopl e very angry

There are two huge mistakes that many newcomers make:

L The biggest is doing nothing at all. You can build a site, but if you
don’t adverti se it i n anyway, you are not goi ng to get a drop of traffi c. The
old quote “Bui Id It And They Will Come” does NOT apply here (Ref:
the Kevin Costner movie ‘The Field of Dreams”)

2. Thesecond biggest mistake is not tracking your advertising. If you

don’t know what works, and what doesn’t, you wi 1 1 be wasti ng ti me and
possibly money.

Track al I of your adverti sements to see where your traffi c comes from, and
where it doesn’t come from. I n the end, you wi 1 1 be happy that you did.

These other outdated methods simply do not work. They are not worth your time,
effort, or money. You need to know where the traffic comes from, and you also
need to know how wel I your ads are performi ng.

You may have a great amount of traffi c, but very few cl i cks. I t’s i mportant to track
the traffic and the ad performance, so you know what to fix!

Overall, that’s all that you need to avoid. Other than that, you need to make sure
that you are using proven site promotion techniques, many of which arelisted in
the comi ng secti ons. . .

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Traffic Generation – Article Marketing

I f you have an Adsense website, you need traffi c to make money from that site!
There are numerous ways to get traffi c, but si nee we al I have I i mited ti me, you
want to cut right to the chase, and find out what works. Article marketi ng is one
of the best traffic generation methods you can use.

Article marketing is a very successful and easy concept. It isused by all successful
I nternet M arketers, and when it comes to website promotion, you must look at
things from an I nternet M arketers point of view, even though, as an Adsense
publisher, you aren’t exactly selling any product.

Again, the concept is easy. You write a short article, approximately 400 words
long. At the bottom of the article, you write an ‘author’s resource box. ‘This is just
a simple paragraph of text that says who the author is, gives a little background
info on the author, and most importantly- a link to the author’s website. It’s
about five to seven sentences long.

Once the article is ready, you visit numerous article directories, which are also
referred to as article banks and article repositories, and submit your article.
That’s al I there i s to arti cl e marketi ng.

N ow, many peopl e use these arti cl e d i rector i es. They go there to f i nd i nformati on ,
or to fi nd content for thei r own websites, blogs, or newsletters. The articlethat
you submitted is free for them to use, as long as they publish itwith the author’s
resource box intact, and they don’t make any changes to the article.

Because so many other people can (and will) publish your article elsewhere, it
becomes viral. This drives traffic to your site, on acontinual basis. But one article
submission isnotgoingto be enough. You need to be submitting one article per
week, to at I east the top ten article directories.

N ote that there are faster ways to get traffi c, but arti cl e marketi ng i s free, and
agai n, the traffi c that you wi 1 1 eventual ly get from the arti cl es bei ng publ ished i s
fairly steady.

H ere are f i ve i mportant ti ps for arti cl e marketi ng:

1 Don’t use the same content that you have on your site. Your site could end
up getting penalized for duplicate content, so you better spend an 20
mi nutes or so to rewrite it.

2. Before you write your first article, visit one of the popular directories, such
as Ezi ne Arti cl es at to see what your

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

article should be like. You can also get ideas for your author’s resource box

3. Writers Block? Lack of time? UsePLR articles, or hi re a ghostwriter to
write and submit articles for you. M ake sure that you are submitti ng one
article per week! If you use private label rights (PLR) articles, make sure
that you rewrite them prior to submitting them.

4. M ake sure that the topi c of your arti cl e matches the topi c of your site, and
the topic of the ads that are being displayed through your GoogleAdsense
ads. This will get you the best results.

5. Useyour keywords in your article. This is search engine fodder; it drives
the article up in the search engine results, which in turn brings more
traffic to your site.

Don’t expect immediate results. Sometimes, it takes the article directories several
days, and in some cases, several weeks, to publish your article. You need to be
using additional traffic generation techniques as well.

Even if you aren’t seeing results from your article marketing techniques, keep at
it. Remember, it takes ti mefor itto ‘kick in,’ but when it does, itiswell worth the

Make sure to watch my Automated Traffic Blueprints

video on how to outsource your traffic generation tasks..

Automated Traffic Blueprints

( http:// www. AutomatedT raff i cBI uepri nts. N et )

Here’s another product (ebook + video) that reveals a lot of
free “traffic getting” methods, mainly from Google…

The Free Google Traffic System

( http:/ / www. F reeGooql eTraff i )

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Traffic Generation – Blogs

You’ve probably heard that there is a great deal of money to be made by usi ng
bl ogs – whether you are i nto aff i I i ate marketi ng, or an Adsense publ i sher. You
can use a blog in several different ways.

First, you can use j ust the blog, as opposed to havi ng a separate static website.
You can also use a blog to drive traffic to a static website. Either way works, but i n
the long run, it’s easier to have a blog, with your own domain, hosted on a web
server, than it isto operate both a blog and a website.

Promoting a blog is much easier and faster than promoti ng a website, because
blogs are so interactive, and if you are using WordPress, there are tons of site
promotion pluginsyou can use…

For instance, peoplecan come to your blog, subscribe to it, leave comments on it,
and go to thei r own blogs and write about somethi ng that you wrote about, quote
you and I eave a trackback. Thi s works the opposite way as wel I .

To promote a blog, there are very specific thi ngs you do:

1 You pi ng your blog after each post. You can do this at a site such as , which will send thepingto multiple
bl og d i rector i es at one ti me.

2. You use soci al bookmarks each ti me you make a post, taggi ng the post
with your keywords. You can quickly and easily send out multiple
bookmarks at one ti me by usi ng a service such as

3. You burn your feed at a free site such as .

This lists your feed in their directory, so that people may subscribe before
they’ve ever even visited your blog.

4. You visit relevant blogs that belong to others, and leave relevant comments
(not comment spam) with a link back to your own blog.

5. You quote other people’s blogs – just portions, not the entire post – and
I ink to it using your trackback feature. Your I ink to that post will
automatically appear on thei r trackback list for that post, if they have
enabled trackbacks.

6. You usethe same promotional techniques that you usefor a static website,
along with the five techniques listed above.

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

If you can, makea blog post each day. Otherwise, you should be making a blog
post each and every week, once a week. I f you’re blog isn’t updated, you can’t
real ly promote it very wel I .

I f you want to use the other method, where you have a bl og and a website, you
can do thi s as wel I . The i dea here i s to use the same promoti onal techn i ques for
the blog, and then i n each blog post, point to your website. You can even setup a
network of blogs, each on a separate sub- topic, and put links on each one to your
main site.

As you can see, if you are an Adsense publisher, this may be a bit redundant,
si nee you can publish the same information on your blog, and it gets promoted in
much the same way- and you can put Adsense on your blog just as you can on
static webpages.

Generally, if someone has both a blog and a website, it is because they are
promoti ng several products, or thei r own product. Agai n, as an Adsense
publisher, with no other source of revenue, it makes sense to just have one or
more bl ogs, i nstead of a stati c website as wel I .

But there is another way to use both that I will reveal later on…

A Blog Auto Poster can automate lots of the tedious tasks of
getting new content to your blogs. Here’s a cool tool you can
use if you are using WordPress blogs..

Auto Blog Feeder

( )

Here’s an awesome free service you can use to get free
content (and if you upgrade: links to your site), even if you

are using WordPress blogs..

SEP Link Vine

( i ck-here-for.i nfo/ on/ 1 i nkvi ne )

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Traffic Generation – Video Marketing

Video is becoming increasingly more i important to cyber citizens, and essentially
to online business owners, and even to Adsense site owners. You can drive traffic
to your sites with the use of video and free video websites. Everybody loves video.
Even Google now offers video ads for Adsense.

Sites I ike Google Video, YouTube, and Yahoo Video get tons of traffic every single
day, and you can easily take advantage of that. You have two options for creating
video. You can usea digital video camera, or you can use screen capture video

With a digital video camera, you can make a video of basically anything, and then
upload that video to your computer, and then to the video websites. With screen
capture video software, you don’t need a camera. You can just make a video of
what is appeari ng on your computer screen.

For instance, if you have a website that reviews software, for which you earn
Adsense revenue and affiliate revenue from software sales, you could purchase
the software, and make a video that shows people how to use it. Videos such as
these arein high demand. J ust make sure that the video that you produceis
rel evant to the topi c of you r websi te.

Once you have a video, you want to be sure that it is of high quality. It should
sound right and look right, and you may want to try it out on different computers
to make sure that it is as good as you can get it. You do not want to present a
video to the public that doesn’t have good quality, becausethisisa bad reflection
on you.

Next, sign up for a free account at the three popular video sites, and upload your
video. Create a profile, and make sure to include your website address in that
profile. You can also use software to watermark your URL on your video, so that
while it is being viewed, the URL remains in plain site. When you write
descriptions for your videos, be sure to include your keywords, and your URL.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about

marketing on YouTube…

YouTube Marketing Uncovered

( htt p : / / www, si x- bu cks. com/ youtu bemar ket i n gu n covered )

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Traffic Generation – Forum marketing

Forum Marketing has been around as long as forums have existed. Forums are
known by a variety of names: bulletin boards and message boards are common

A forum is essentially where people with an interest in a specific topic post
messages, where other people who are members of that forum can reply to them.
I t’s a great way to share and I earn i nfor mati on about a topi c of i nterest.

Forum marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Now, before you run
to the nearest forum that relates to your topic and post a message about your
wonderful website, you need to know that the quality forums (the forums that
you want to partici pate in) are not goi ng to al low you to do that.

So, how can you advertise your Adsense site in theforums, without advertising?

-You use a signature file. This is allowed in most forums. A signature file is
essential I y text that has your name, your website address, and maybe a smal I
slogan. It looks like this:

First and Last Name

Everything You Wanted To Know About Your Topic – And Then Some.

You useyour signaturefileat the bottom of all of your posts. Some forums allow
you to set up your signature file in your profile, and every time you makea post, it
wi 1 1 automati cal ly be i nserted at the bottom.

Now, there are several ways that you can use the forums. First, you can seek out
posts that you can reply to. Second, you can post questions that others reply to.
You can also just post pertinent information.

To find forums that relate to your topic, goto any search engine, and type in your
topi c d i scussi on . I f you r topi c i s f i sh i n g, you wou I d type i n f i sh i ng d i scussi on . You
will get a huge number of results.

You want to pick out about five forums to actively partici pate i n. I deal ly, you wi 1 1
make at least one post per day in each forum that you partici pate in, so choose a
number of forums that you have time to post in each day.

When looki ng at the forums, you want forums where there are a large number of
members – 500 to 1000 are good. You also want one that is active. Look at the

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dates of the most recent posts. Were they today or yesterday? I f not, the forum
isn’t active enough for your purposes.

You want to avoi d forums where al I of the posts are adverti sements, where i s the perfect example. They may
have a huge number of members, and it may be active, but nobody is readi ng the
posts. I nstead, they are just posting advertisements.

M ake sure that your posts are rel evant and stay on topi c. Fai I i ng to do so can get
you banned from theforum, and it can also quickly ruin your reputation within
your niche. When you makea post, makesurethat it is grammatically correct,
and that everything is spelled correctly.

Never, ever ‘flame’ people in the forums. When you flame someone, you are
essentially starting a fight. Thiswon’t be tolerated. It is, however, okayto
disagree with someone in the forums, as long as it is done in a civil and polite
way. Always remember your purpose- to drive traffic to your website.

When you see a post that relates to specific information on your site, you can
drive peopleto that page within your post. This is not advertising, because you
aren ‘t selling anythi ng.

There is another way to use forums to your advantage. Set up a forum on your
own website. You can publish your Adsense ads there, and you can build up a

These people will visit your forum on a regular basis, because they are interested
in the topic, and they want to communicate with others who are i nterested in the

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Traffic Generation – Social Networking

H ave you heard of ? I f not, it means that you’ve been I i vi ng i n a cave
somewhere i n the middle of nowhere, with no access to any news what-so-ever.

Seriously – Twitter has exploded lately to be one of the most popular social
networking sites, and it’s one of the most trafficked sites on the I nternet today.

What does this mean for you? It meansthat you can use it to drive traffic to your
Adsense site. You can take advantage of al I of the traffi c that Twitter gets. I t’s
sitti ng there waiti ng for you to come and get it!

Social Networking isan element of Web 2.0 that has really gained in popularity
over the years. Everyone is doing it, and this is a great way to find and drive

Si mply go to and set up your profi le. I t’s free. You
can find a multitude of free layouts for your Twitter page, and really dress it up.
Be su re to post you r websi te on you r profi I e as wel I for you r f ol I owers to see and
visit. Once your page is ready to go, start networking with other people.

Visit other people’s pages, and follow them. When they discover that you follow
them, they will in most cases follow you. Build your twitter followers’ list.

From Wikipedia:

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its
users to send and read messages known as “tweets”.

Tweets aretext-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on theauthor’s
profile page and delivered to the author’s subscribers who are known as

Senders can restrict delivery to those i n thei r circle of friends or, by default,
allow open access. Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website,
Short Message Service (SMS) or external applications. Whilethe service costs
nothing to use, accessing it through SMS may incur phone service provider fees.

Thekeyisto be active. Post your tweets several ti mesa day, replytoyour
fol lowers tweets, and fi nd new twitter friends to fol low as wel I .

You can find more information about social networking, and more social
networking sites, by typing in ‘social networking’ in your favorite search engine.
Soci al networki ng i s bi g. I t’s where peopl e are goi ng when they I og on to thei r
personal computers (and often thei r computers at work).

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Traffic comes from traffic. You get traffic from thesearch engines not only
because you rank high, but because that search engine gets traffic. You get traffic
from forum marketi ng because the forums that you parti ci pate i n get traffic.

Since traffic essentially comes from traffic, you need to makesocial networkinga
part of your overall traffic generation strategy- because the social networking
sites have tons of traffi c.

Be careful ! Social Networking isfun, and you can find that you spend too much
time doing it, and not pay attention toother promotional techniques. This is a
mistake. Make sure that you participate regularly, but on a schedule. Have a
starting and stopping time before you login to the site! Remember your purpose.

I ‘ve found the perfect guide on how to use Twitter to
generate traffic, which will take you by the hand and
guide you through all the pitfalls…

Twitter Traffic Swarm

( )

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Traffic Generation – Social Bookmarking

The potential in Social Bookmarking has increased dramatically si nee 2007.
“You need Social Bookmarking!”

Soci al bookmarki ng i s a key el ement of Web 2.0, and it i s a great way to get a
great deal of traff i c, i n a very short amount of ti me. 1 1 i s very easy and fast to do,
and it’s also free.

Soci al bookmarki ng sites are essenti al ly pi aces where peopl e who are regi stered
can list- or bookmark- their favorite sites. Those bookmarks are shared with all
other users of the social bookmarking site as well. M il lions of people use these
sites on a daily basis.

Here is what you do. You goto and register. Once
you’ve regi stered and logged in, you will be presented with what looks I ike a form.
This is actually a list of social bookmarking sites, and you need to open up each of
those sites(in anew page or tab) and register with them.

Go back to the page at onlywi and put i n the username and password you
used for each of those sites, and click the save button. Now, follow the directions
on the site, and icon up into your tool bar. You are ready
to start social bookmarki ng!

Go to each page on your website. CI i ck the i con i n your tool bar, and you wi 1 1 be
brought to a page at Fill in the information, tagging that page with
the keywords that are relevant to it. Hit the submit button.
instantly sends that bookmark, along with itstags(i.e. keywords), to all of those
social bookmarking sites.

Do that for each page on your site, and each ti me you add a new page to your site.
Now, when other members of those social bookmarking sites are looking for
information, they go to their favorite social bookmarki ng site, type i n thei r
keyword, and if it is a keyword that you used, your site pops up in the results.
Agai n, you get traff i c fai rly fast from soci al bookmarki ng.

1 1 takes approxi mately one hour to get ful ly set up for social bookmarki ng, but
bookmarking one page takes I ess than one minute. So, even if you have a twenty
page website, it will only take you an hour and twenty minutes to get fully set up,
and get each of those pages bookmarked.

You can also ask others to add your page to their favorite social bookmarking site.
Unlike search engines, where there are a variety of factors in pi ay that determine
how high you rank, with the social bookmarking sites, when more peopleadd

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your site to their bookmarks at the social networking sites, the higher your page
appears i n the search results at those sites.

You can’t pay them for a higher listing. So, ask friends and relatives to bookmark
your site, and also post an invitation todothison your website directly as well.

You will also be building inbound links to your site, which will aid in search
engine optimization. Remember that these sites are considered ‘important’ by the
search engines, which makes those inbound links very valuable.

Note that many people now use social bookmarki ng sites to find information that
they are i nterested i n more than they use search engi nes. The search engi nes
seem to have become pol luted with advertisements that may not even be related
to the keywords.

This service will effortlessly give you 100+ unique domain

backlinks from blogs!!

The links are put into a resource box You authored…

Links From Blogs

( http:/ / www. I i n ksf rombl oqs. net )

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Traffic Generation – SEO

Last, but certainly not least…

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, pi ays an important rolein advertisinga
website. This is how you get a higher listing in the search results, when keywords
that are relevant to your website are searched for. The more opti mized your site
is,thehigher it will be i n the search engine results.

This bri ngs what is known as natural search traffic to your website. Natural
search traffic means that someone found your site in the search engine results
becauseit was naturally listed high enough for them to find it. You didn’t pay to
get it listed higher.

There are two types of SEO: on site and offsite. Off site is the easiest to explain,
and all it entails is getting inbound links to your site. This means that you get a
link to your site listed on other people’s websites.

H owever, they must be quality I i nks for the search engi nes to pay any attention to
them. You want to get your I i nk on sites that are i mportant. The search engi ne
considers sites that have a high Google page rank, and a lowAlexa rank

The more quality inbound I inks you get, the more important your own site
becomes, as far as the search engi nes are concerned. Above al I , do not use link
farms, and avoid reciprocal linking (i.e exchange links). You can get your link on
sites by participating in the forums with a signature file, or by commenting on
blogs and such.

Another way to get more links is to participate in N-Way Link Exchange

Services that enables you to exchange I i nks without havi ng to go I ooki ng for
webmasters wi 1 1 i ng to exchange I i nks.

These services does not do rely on or support reciprocal linking, but rather on 1-
way linking, and 3-way linking schemes.

I highly recommend getting all three of these services- I use them myself and
without them you would never havefound thisfreeebook on adsense…

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

When you are getting links on other sites, mix it up. Don’t just I ink to your main
page all the time. Search engines become more i nterested when they see multiple
sites I inking to various pages on your site, instead of just the main one.

Build inbound links slowly. Search engines become suspicious when you get too
many inbound I inks too fast!

There are numerous elements of on siteSEO. First, you want very clean HTML
code. Search engines don’t like messy code that contains numerous errors. Use an
HTML code validator to check your code. Makesureto put javascript and style
sheet code i n separate i ncl ude f i I es.

Make sure that you use your keywords appropriately. First, you should havea
keyword density of 2 to 3%. I f there are 1200 words on the page, your keyword
should appear 24 to 36 ti mes i n that content.

Use your keywords in all ‘alt’ tags. There are alt tags for images, tables, and links.
Also use your keywords i n the title’ tag which is in the ‘head’ tag at the top of the
code. Search engines love links. Remember this. Do some internal linking in your
content, using text links.

When linking, avoid linking words I ike ‘here’ or ‘click here’ This does nothing for
SEO. I nstead, for example if your keyword was weight loss, you might have a I ink
that says ‘wei ght I oss i nfor mati on for women over 40 . ‘ M ake su re that you put
your keywords in bold letters, and usetheHlor H 2 tags for your titles and
subtitles, which should also contain your keywords.

Build a site map, upload it to your server, and I ink to it on all of your pages.
Search engines love site maps. I n fact, Google makes it easy to create a free site
map that you can use for your site.

Do not use any hidden text. Do not spam your keywords. Use them in natural
ways. Write natural sentences. Search engi nes are very hard to fool , and if you
use ‘bl ack hat’ SE O tech n i ques, the search engi ne spi ders wi 1 1 si mpl y stop
visiting, and your site won’t get listed!

Finally, do not use any content on your site that can be found elsewhere. All of
your content must be original, or the search engine will view it as duplicate
content, and ignore it.

This service will effortlessly give you 100+ unique domain

backlinks from blogs!!

Links From Bloqs

( http:/ / www. I i n ksf rombl oqs. net )

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Keys To Success

There are numerous factors that wi 1 1 determi ne your success i n the Google
Adsense program. There is no luck to it. You can be the most unlucky person
in the world, and still succeed with Google Adsense. It’sall about understanding
exactly how to run your Google Adsense Empire.

Note the word ’empire’ That’s where a great deal of your success will come from.
If you just have one site that you run Google Adsense on, your chances for success
are very limited.

You will have to drivehuge amounts of trafficto that sitein order to makeGoogle
Adsense worth your time and effort. Ideally, you should have numerous sites on a
variety of topics.

Choosi ng the ri ght topi cs – the hi ghest payi ng topi cs – i s al so another factor for
Adsense success. If you have ten sites, all with keywords that only pay five cents a
cl ick, you wi 1 1 need to keep your traditional job, or look for another source of

You will make a little money, but not enough to live on. Choose topics based on
the highest paying keywords for success.

Choosing topics that have a high amount of searches is also a factor, but there is a
trick to it. For instance, weight loss is a highly searched for topic, but it’s too
varied, and too competitive.

Instead, narrow your focus on weight loss, and choose a niche within a niche,
such asHoodia weight loss, or weight loss for diabetic women. Whileyou may
earn a I ittle less per click, you will be ableto focus more greatly on getting traffic
to the site.

Your ad units, ad links, and search boxes should match your sitefor best results.
If the ads stand out too much, they will get fewer clicks. Adsense publishers have
been testing ad placement and palettes si nee the the Adsense program started,
and you would do wel I to fol low what that research has found.

Traffic is the next factor for determining Google Adsense success. Without traffic,
there is no success.

You need to use all of the proven traffic drivingtechniques at your disposal to
drive as much traffic to your site as possi ble, on a conti nual basis. Content may be
ki ng, but if that i s so, Traff i c i s the Pope, and even the ki ng answers to the Pope.

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Another factor for Google Adsense success is continuing to build. You need to
continually add new content to your site, and create new sites. Keep an eye on the
most frequently searched keywords.

Publish sites for at least the top ten, and then continue to build that empire. Even
if you just added one page a month to each site, you could still keep it under
control and have time to do other things.

For best results, get a server that wi 1 1 allow you to host unlimited domains. This
will make it easier to keep track of everything and to update sites. Also use
content management systems for your sites, where you can easily add content,
without having to design a new page. Blogs are also great for Adsense.

Writing fresh content is time consuming, and buying fresh content can get
expensive. If you find yourself in this dilemma, purchase private label rights
articles, and pay a writer to rewrite them.

You wi 1 1 f i nd that the content i s produced much faster, and much cheaper. You
could also opt to rewrite the content yourself.

The most important success factor for Adsense, however, is how much ti me and
effort you are wi 1 1 i ng to put into it. The less ti me you put i nto it, the less success
you wi 1 1 have. The more you put i nto it, the more success you wi 1 1 have, as I ong as
you are taki ng the other factors i nto consi derati on .

Introducing the Desktop Adsense Site Builder Software…

It replaces a dozen software programs, 5 web designers and
a full time content creation specialist…

Try it today – the basic version is not only FREE, it also
includes 20 hot niche topics you can create sites from…

http :/ / www. D esktopAdsenseSi teB u i I der .com

..and if you register the software I will give you an
additional 30 topics to choose from..

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Keys To Failure

“Help! Google banned me from the Adsense program!”

This is a common cry that you will hear on Adsense related forums. Yet another
person who failed to read and adhereto the Google Adsense program policies. It
happens every single day. Will it happen to you?

The worst mistakeyou can possibly make in the Google Adsense program is not
reading the rules, or not foil owing those rules. So, if you have not already done
so, stop what you are doi ng, and go read the Google Adsense Program Pol icy, as
well as the Webmasters Guidelines that Google has provided. These are found
within your Google Adsense account.

Other than breaking the rules and getting banned, there are also numerous
mistakes that people make that cause them to fail with Google Adsense. The
bi ggest mi stake i s fai I i ng to do research before choosi ng a topi c for your site.

I f you’ve chosen a topi c that few peopl e are i nterested i n, you wi 1 1 fai 1 . 1 1 won’t
matter how nice or informative your site is. If people aren’t interested, they aren’t
goi ng to search for it, and they aren’t goi ng to visit.

Failingto blend the Google Adsense ads in with your site is another common
mistake. Learn to use the tools that Google gives you. Use the palette to make
your ads look I ike content on your pages.

For example, use the ad link ads above or below- or even in the middle of- your
navigational links on your page. This will get them more clicks. See below for an
example from the Adware/Spyware site:

Ads by Google Adware Remover About Spyware Adobe Spyware Spyware Popup

Adware and spyware, knowing the basics

All About Residual Income With Adsense

33 of 41

Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Also, use the limits that Google has set on the ad units, ad link unit, search units,
and referral units on each and every page of your site. The more you have on
there, the more cl i cks you wi 1 1 recei ve.

Keep i n mi nd my suggestion on fewer ad units; the highest payi ng ads are
always shown, and if you have fewer ad blocks, it will makeyou more money per
click. Your site’s design and layout will ultimately decide what’s best- you need
to test it to make sure.

Another common mistake that people make is assuming that they can hurry up
and get rich from Google Adsense sites and throwing together sites in two
minutes. While you do want an empire of sites, those sites must be valuable to the

They must be worth visiting. In fact, even if your purpose is to earn income from
Google Adsense, Adsense rules specifical ly state that you are not to bui Id sites
with the specific purpose of runni ng Adsense ads.

Tweaking and tuning is vital to your success. Let’s say that you’ve done the
research, chosen a well searched for, high paying niche, and built a fabulous site.

You’ve placed Adsense code on the site, and you are getti ng a good amount of
traffic to that site, but your ads aren’t bei ng cl icked on. Somethi ng is wrong
somewhere and it is your job as an Adsense publisher to find the problem and fix

Then there are those that do have Adsense success, and act too quickly on it. One
month, they become a member of the ‘UPS Club,’ which is the Adsense publishers
term for peopl e that make so much money from Adsense that thei r checks are
literally delivered via UPS, not postal mail.

So, you become a member of the UPS club, and you quit your day job.

That’s a huge mistake. First, Google could change their rules at the drop of a hat,
and your Adsense revenue could fall dramatically. Manythingscan go wrong.

That doesn’t mean that Adsense can’t replace your i ncome, it can if you do it
right, but because things can change so fast, it is wise to have a years worth of
salary equal to what you earn from your traditional job, inthebank, before you
quit that job and depend on Adsense.

If you do this, and Googlemakes changes that have a negative impact on your
income, you will still be okay financially until you can make changes to your sites
that wi 1 1 get the Adsense i ncome f I owi ng agai n.

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

How To Increase Adsense Revenue

There is a great deal more to making money from Adsense than just putting up a
site and putting Google Adsense ad code on those pages. Infact, successful
Adsense publ ishers spend several hours per week – after the site is bui It and the
ads are runni ng – ensuri ng that they are getti ng the absol ute most possi ble
revenue from those Adsense sites, by using a variety of opti mization techniques.

F i rst, use the chan nel s feature i n you r Adsense accou nt. Th i s al I ows you to assi gn
different sites to different channels, so that you are able to see which topics/ sites
are the most profitable for you.

With this information, you can easily focus more time and energy on those sites
that are maki ng the money, and less ti me and energy on those that are not.

Successful publishers also I ike to experiment. They can create customized reports
in their Adsense account, and then try different colors, different ad formats, and
different placement to see what is getti ng the best results for thei r sites.

You should do this, and continue doing this, until you feel that you are getti ng the
best possi ble results for each of your websites.

What works on one website may not work wel I on another. H owever, accordi ng to
Googleand many successful Adsense publishers, placing a rectangular ad unit
just below your headline, but above the main content of your page, will yield
higher clicks. Also, placing link ads in, above, or below your navigational links
will also increase clicks.

According to Google, if you elect to display image ads, you will have more
advertisers bidding to have thei r ads show specifical ly on your pages.

This usually results in more money per click, and this is definitely worth looking
into for your site. Makesureyou use Google Channels and reports to find out if it
is worki ng out wel I for you or not!

Make sure that you disable on-site advertiser sign up. This is how
advertisers can elect to advertise specifical I yon your site. This link will in most
instances NOT makeyou any money when clicked on, and thus should be

“Basic rule: – only use links that makes you money!”

More experienced Adsense publishers have learned to use section targeting. This
al lows them to enclose specific parts of thei r content withi n tags that causes

All About Residual Income With Adsense

35 of 41

Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Googleto pay special attention to that section, and serve ads accordingly. This
wi II hel p to keep the ads that are bei ng served very specific.

If you publish a blog, as opposed to static web pages, you will need to do things a
bit differently. You can tweak your tempi ate to have the ad code appear i n the
basic layout of your pages, but you also need to add the code at the bottom of
each post that you make.

This way, on your main page, where more than one post appears, visitors will see
the ads at the bottom of each of those posts.

It is always a good idea to find out what works for others. Again, each site is
different, but this will save you a great deal of time in researching. Become a
regular visitor to Adsense related forums.

There are many out thereto choose from, and you can find a lot of useful
information from other publishers who have already done the testing and
research for you in many cases.

Bel ieve it or not, Google wants you to succeed. When you succeed, they succeed.
Read all of the information inside of your Google Adsense account. There you will
find optimization tips and other advice that will help you get the highest possible
profit from your Google Adsense ads.

One part that you should pay special attention to is the Heap Map, which
visualizes where most clicks occur on a given site:




All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

H ere are nine more thi ngs that you can do to i mprove your Adsense revenue:

1 Build An Empire: Therearetwo waysto succeed with Adsense. You either
have to have a very high traffic site, or you have to have a multitude of low
to mid traffic sites. M ost publ ishers have the latter.

When you build your sites, your first order of business should be to get
them listed in the major search engines. However, you should also get
listed in more specialized directories as well, and use traffic generation
techniques such as article marketing, forum marketing, social networking,
and social bookmarking.

2. Learn To Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics will giveyou aton of
information about the traffic that comes to your site. You can use that
information to make adj ustments and additions to your site, which will
i ncrease your Adsense revenue.

If you don’t make changes to your site, as analytics indicates are needed,
you won’t make as much revenue as you would if you do make changes.
Find out how peopletravel through your website to get better results.

3. ChooseThe Right Keywords: Choose topics based on keywords that get a
high number of searches each month, and then check the amount that
adverti sers are payi ng per cl i ck for those keywords. Choose the popul ar
ones that pay the highest, and then focus in on more defined niches within
that niche.

4. Add Fresh Content: Adding fresh content on a regular basis keeps people
coming back to your site, and also gives you the opportunity to have more
def i ned ads appear on those pages.

For example, if you have a site that was built for weight loss for those who
are wheelchair bound, you might have a page on therefor exercises for
these peopl e. Thi s page wi 1 1 have the abi I i ty to target ads that are of
interest to wheelchair bound peoplethat need exercises that they can do.

5. Choosethe Right Adsense Ad Unit Format: There are three ad units that
seem to work well, regardless of the topi cor layout of the site overall.
Those three are the 336 x 280 rectangle, the 160 x 600 skyscraper, and the
300 x 250 rectangle.

6. Put Enough Ads On The Page: Google allows you to have three ad units,
one link ad, two search boxes, and two referral units on each and every
page of your site. Use them, but be careful not to spam your site with

All About Residual Income With Adsense

37 of 41

Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

them! Some gurus may say ‘The more ads you have, the more money you
will make”, however that is not always true…

7. Put The Ads I n The Right Place: Start by addi ng I i nk ads to your
navigation menu. These will get a large number of clicks. Other
recommended actions is to place ad units under headlines, a skyscraper on
the right side of the page, and another rectangle ad at the bottom of each
page, j ust under the text.

8. Set up Your Palette: Your ads need to blend in. Set up your palette so that
the border color matches the background of your web page. The
background color of your ad units should also match the background of
your web page. The link color should match the color of I inks on your

Finally, the text color should match the color of text that you use on your
page. I have found that the normal black text on a white background works
especially well on content sites. Furthermore, always keep the caption link
blue, because most visitors are used to links being blue, right?

9. Usethe Google Adsense Preview Tool: You can find thistool insideyour
Google Adsense account. Use it to see what ads will appear on your page,
before they actually appear. This will help you to tweak and tune your
pages until it is displaying the ads that you want.

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

Final Words

H ere we are at the end of thi s report and You’ve I earned a great deal . The new
found wisdom will definitely make you ready to start cashing in with your own
Google Adsense sites. Let’s go over five vital poi nts that I ‘ve covered…

1 You need more than one site, in most cases. Onelowtrafficsiteisnot
goi ng to yi el d you more than twenty bucks a month or so. I f you choose
high payi ng topics, you may net about a hundred bucks a month from one
site. Ideally, you should have at least ten sites- but preferably, you will
have a great deal more than that!

Work out a schedulefor yourself. Publish a certain number of new sites
each month, and add a certain number of pages to existing sites each
month. Keep adding until you’ve filled up the amount of time that you are
willingto spend on your Google Adsense Empire. Develop processes that
you can fol low over and over agai n for success.

2. You must fol low Google’s Rules at all times! This is a huge pitfall for many.
First, Google has regulations for your site, as to how functional it should
be. Second, Google has rules pertaining to what your site may not include.
Third, Google has rules about incentives for getting people to click on your
ads, and they definitely have rules against clicking on your own ads.

All of these rules are in pi ace to protect the integrity of the program – not
to prevent you from making money. Before you publish your first Adsense
website, go and read the Adsense Program Policy, the Google Terms of
Service, and the Webmaster Guidelines.

3. You need traffic. You should beworkingon bringing traffic to your site
each and everyday. Write and submit articles, participate in the
forums, get into social networki ng and social bookmarking. Seeif Google
Ad words wi 1 1 work out for you. Do everythi ng that you possi bly can to
bri ng traffic to your site.

If you have no traffic, you have no Google Adsense revenue. It isas simple
as that. M ost Adsense publ i shers di vi de thei r ti me, spend i ng about twenty
percent of their time adding to existing sites, or building new ones, and
spendi ng the other 80% of thei r ti me promoti ng thei r existi ng sites.

4. You must keep track of results, and compare results. You need to not only
make changes to your pages, and track those results, but you must also
track your adverti si ng efforts as wel I .

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

By testi ng and tracki ng results for your pages, you wi 1 1 fi nd out what ad
formats, ad placement, and ad colors work best for your site. By testing
and tracking promotional efforts, you will be able to see what techniques
are working best in driving traffic to your site.

When you know what works, you can focus your ti me and energy on those
activities, and leave thetechniques that don’t work behind. This not only
saves ti me, it i ncreases Adsense revenue.

5. You can make a fullti me living from Google Adsense, but it takes time and
effort. You apply for Google Adsense, get approved, and get the Adsense
code on your site. Thefirst day, you maketen bucks. You quickly add that
up, and see that if you made ten bucks each day, you would make 300 per
month from one site. You quickly add again, and see that if you had ten
sites, all making 300 a month, you could quit your traditional job.

Unfortunately, that may or may not be true. Before you quit your job,
make sure that you have a years worth of salary saved i n the bank. This
will prevent financial ruin in the event that Google makes program
changes that affect your Adsense i ncome.

Overall, if you are seriously considering ways of making a profit from running an
onl i ne busi ness, or are al ready runni ng one and wi sh to expand, then it may wel I
be worth your whiletakinga morein depth look at just what the Adsense
program can offer you.

Good Luck!

Ajctafs Evlkssoo

Anders Eriksson

H el p Desk:

All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

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All About Residual Income With Adsense

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Kumpulan Interview Dengan Para Publisher AdSense Sukses

Google AdSense Success Story
Kumpulan Interview Dengan Para Publisher AdSense Sukses

Hak Cipta © 2008 oleh Cosa Aranda eBook ini bebas untuk dibagikan kepada siapapun secara gratis.

Dilarang keras untuk memperjualbelikannya atau untuk keperluan komersil lainnya, termasuk melakukan copy-paste dan tranlasi ke bahasa lain.

Kisah-kisah sukses selalu saja menarik untuk disimak.

Bahkan banyak pebisnis handal yang menyarankan untuk memanfaatkan cerita-cerita sukses sebagai sarana motivasi kepada karyawan maupun pelanggan kita.

Untuk lebih jelasnya, baca artikel “Story Marketing” yang saya sertakan pada bagian lampiran eBook ini.

Pada intinya, ya, memang begitulah kekuatan success story.

Tapi untuk kali ini kita tidak akan jauh-jauh melangkah kok.

Kisah-kisah sukses yang disajikan di sini – disampaikan dalam bentuk wawancara – diharapkan bisa menjadi motivator bagi DIRI KITA sendiri.

Baik sebagai seorang pebisnis internet pada umumnya, maupun sebagai publisher AdSense pada khususnya.

Mereka-mereka yang diwawancara di sini adalah yang memang sudah terbukti sukses.

Tidak hanya seumur jagung, tapi berhasil pula mempertahankan keberhasilan mereka dalam waktu lama.

Banyak pelajaran yang bisa dipetik dari jawaban-jawaban mereka.

Setidaknya bagi saya.

Dan semoga juga bagi Anda.

Seluruh materi wawancara diambil dari arsip

Ada beberapa yang tidak saya sertakan karena sudah tidak lagi masuk ke dalam kriteria publisher AdSense sukses yang digunakan sebagai acuan, misalnya terbukti melakukan cara-cara curang dan/atau akunnya dibanned.

Selain itu, mungkin ada beberapa bagian dari interview yang sudah tidak sesuai dengan kondisi AdSense sekarang.

Untuk yang satu ini mohon diabaikan atau disesuaikan sendiri saja ☺ Semoga eBook ini dapat bermanfaat dan selamat menempuh jalur kesuksesan.

Successful AdSense Publisher: Ujang

Bukan tanpa alasan kalo saya menempatkan pria yang akrab dengan ID ujang di forum AdSense-ID ini di bagian awal tulisan berseri mengenai kisah publisher AdSense yang udah sukses.

Sumbangsihnya terhadap dunia per-AdSense-an Indonesia udah gak perlu diragukan lagi.

Tengok saja posting-posting dari bapak yang lahir 34 tahun lalu ini di forum, penuh tips dan trik, tanpa melupakan nasihat-nasihat moril.

Tapi jangan salah. Bukan berarti ia adalah orang yang serius loh.

Yang udah sering ngobrol di YM pasti tau kalo si Ujang ini justru suka becanda, iseng, dan jail.

Bahkan mungkin gak akan ada yang menyangka kalo penggemar Miyabi ini termasuk jajaran salah satu publisher AdSense paling sukses di Indonesia.

Okeh, tanpa perlu ber-panjang-lebar-tinggi lagi, berikut ini hasil wawancara via email dengan Ujang.

Seputar Adsense dan Online Earning
Q: Sejak kapan menekuni bisnis Adsense?
A: 2005

Q: Alasan maen Adsense?
A: Good income

Q: Apakah langsung sukses?
Jika tidak, apa kendala2 yang ada di awal?
A: Tidak, karena awal pertama cuma iseng-2 aja, ternyata cukup menjanjikan hasilnya

Q: Penghasilan per bulan dari Adsense saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 4 digit

Q: Sumber pendapatan selain Adsense?
A: Games and Apps for MobilePhones, Unlimited Mobile Internet.

Q: Total penghasilan per bulan dari internet saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 4 digit

Q: Waktu yang digunakan untuk “bekerja online” dalam sehari?
A: 4-6 jam

Seputar Situs dan Content
Q: Lebih suka mana, blog ato website?
A: Web

Q: Niche-specific ato general?
A: Spesific content, sejauh yang gua tau Google pun lebih menyukai website yang mengandung spesific konten

Q: Jika niche-spesific, apa topik favorit?
A: software, proxy, games

Q: Pendapat tentang HPK?
A: Bagus, tapi bukan alasan / tujuan utama dalam membuat website

Q: Content berasal darimana?
A: Internet dan hard disk

Q: Pendapat tentang copy-paste content?
A: Sangat menjengkelkan, terutama yang mengcopy content antar teman sendiri, kesannya kita seperti sedang di tikam dari belakang. Kecuali jika hanya meload RSS kita, karena memang RSS dibuat untuk itu.

Q: Pendapat tentang artikel2 Private Label Rights sebagai content?
A: Good

Q: Yang paling utama dalam content?
A: Berguna buat orang lain, jadi ketika visitor datang, mereka mendapatkan apa yang mereka inginkan dari website kita

Q: Pentingkah layout/desain situs? Adakah hubungannya dengan pendapatan?
A: Yup, ada hubungannya

Gak ada kerjaan pada hari Minggu tanggal 15 Juni 2008 besok?
Daripada bengong, ikuti aja workshop “Winning The SEO War with WordPress” yang merupakan bagian kedua dari trilogi workshop “SEO Gak Ribet”. Dalam workshop ini para peserta akan diajak untuk secara langsung mempraktekkan dan mengimplementasikan tehniktehnik SEO yang ada, terutama yang sudah dibahas terlebih dahulu pada workshop bagian pertama, “Start Up Guide to SEO”.

Biaya terjangkau, tempat nyaman, suasana santai (tapi serius).
Untuk informasi lebih lanjut dan pendaftaran, kunjungi:

Q: Mana yang lebih penting, CTR ato CPC?
A: CPC, more money

Q: Jumlah situs saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 25

Q: Banyak situs = banyak earning.
A: Setuju, 2 X 25 = 50, 5 x 4 = 20

Seputar SEO dan Traffic
Q: Sumber trafik, iklan ato search engine?
A: Both

Q: Tehnik promosi melalui iklan yang sering digunakan?
A: Google Adword

Q: Tehnik SEO yang sering digunakan?
A: Link Exchange

Q: Tool seputar SEO, content, dll, yang digunakan?
A: Nothing

Q: Pendapat ttg tool2 tsb?
A: Suck Lain-lain

Q: Barang/sesuatu paling berkesan yang dibeli dari Adsense dan online earning lainnya?
A: LCD Monitor BenQ 92W, soale barang inilah yang bener-2 gua pake sendiri, kesannya pribadi banget….. kalo barang lain, di pake bareng-2……. he he he

Q: Apa akan seterusnya bermain adsense?
A: Yup

Q: Adsense is death.
A: Never

Q: Harapan seputar Adsense?
A: More site, more earning

Q: Pesan untuk publisher baru?
A: Website kita adalah wajah kita, sikap kita, jati diri kita. Jadi dari situ pula kita menunjukan pada dunia siapa kita sebenarnya, apakah kita ini seorang pecundang, seorang yang curang, atau seorang pemenang. Juga menunjukan apakah kita cukup memiliki harga diri atau tidak….

Successful AdSense Publisher: Muridman

Kalau harus memberi contoh sosok publisher AdSense yang berjuang dari bawah dan akhirnya bisa sukses, mungkin salah satunya saya akan menyebut nama Muridman.

Saya ingat dulu di awal kesertaannya di forum Adsense-Id ia sering bertanya-tanya, termasuk hal-hal yang mendasar.

Siapa sangka, setelah menghilang beberapa saat, tiba-tiba cowok berumur 23 tahun ini muncul dengan membawa satu berita gembira – kesuksesannya di bisnis AdSense.

Berdomisili di Jakarta, Muridman, yang menyebut dirinya sebagai Nano Lazyman, juga termasuk AdSenser inovatif.

Selain berkutat dengan AdSense, ia juga menyibukkan dirinya dengan menciptakan dan menjual produk2 digital, serta acapkali mengusung sistem kerjasama Joint Venture (JV).

Menurut pengakuan pria yang juga berprofesi sebagai pesulap ini, konsep JV inilah yang berandil besar dalam mendorong keberhasilannya.

Sekarang, mari kita simak hasil wawancara dengan Muridman a.k.a Nano Lazyman.

Seputar Adsense dan Online Earning
Q: Sejak kapan menekuni bisnis Adsense?
A: Dari tahun 2005-an

Q: Alasan maen Adsense?
A: Karena saya lahir dari keluarga miskin dan tidak mau mati sebagai orang miskin.

Bener-bener kekurangan deh 🙁 Dari situlah saya punya alasan yang sangat-sangat kuat untuk merubah nasib saya. Karena hanya saya dan TUHAN lah yang bisa mengubah nasib saya.
Satu lagi, kayanya enak nih bisa dapat duit di internet.
Gak usah keluar rumah segala.

Q: Apakah langsung sukses? Jika tidak, apa kendala2 yang ada di awal?
A: Jelas tidak mungkin bisa sukses.
Saya berjuang mati2an.
Malam jadi siang, siang jadi malam.
Karena harus online di warnet saat itu belum punya laptop.
Kendala saya adalah tidak bisa bahasa inggris.
Orang inggris saya aja di sekolah nilainya D.
Tapi saya berkeingan kuat untuk belajar, mulai deh.
Ngerti-ngerti dikit dan akhirnya lumayan juga sekarang. Hehehee…..

Q: Penghasilan di bulan pertama?
A: Yang gue inget, waktu awal main adsense. Dapat -/+ $0.20 an.. kayanya.
Orang gak lebih dari $2 an kok.

Q: Penghasilan per bulan dari Adsense saat ini (kisaran)?
A: $1,000-3,000 an

Q: Sumber pendapatan selain Adsense?
A: Dari affiliate, Private coaching, Buat Digital product, HYIP, maen sulap dari café ke café dan jadi trainer di beberapa perusahaan seperti Garudafood, Panasonic dll.

Q: Total penghasilan per bulan dari internet saat ini (kisaran)?
A: $4,000-$5,000 an, gak tentu..
Hasilnya juga dibagi-bagi lagi buat rekan JV, bayar yang lain-lain.

Q: Waktu yang digunakan untuk “bekerja online” dalam sehari?
A: Karena suka online, jadi gak tentu.
Biasanya minimal sampai 10 jam-an sehari.

Seputar Situs dan Content
Q: Lebih suka mana, blog ato website?
A: Kedua-duanya suka. Tapi Tergantung target market web kita.

Q: Niche-specific ato general?
A: Gue lebih suka yang niche donk daripada general, karena dengan mudah kita bisa tahu apa yang jadi kebutuhan pengunjung website kita dibandingkan general.

Q: Jika niche-spesific, apa topik favorit?
A: Jelas MAGIC donk… 🙂

Q: Pendapat tentang HPK?
A: HPK atau High Paying Keyword sampai saat ini masih menjadi misteri.
Ada yang ngebidik malah tetep aja kecil earningnya.
Sebenarnya bisa kita dapat HPK, asalkan tau bermain dengan keyword dan penempatannya.
Sampai tuh keyword keluar.
Caranya, gak ada lain selain riset, test dan buat lagi.

Q: Content berasal darimana?
A: 100% original content untuk website tertentu.
Ada juga yang 100% copypaste.

Q: Pendapat tentang copy-paste content?
A: Nah, ini yang jadi perdebatan.
Saya secara pribadi tidak masalah untuk copy paste,dalam konteks artikel, ini yang perlu digarisbawahi.
Karena memang artikel dibuat untuk hal itu.
Kalau copy paste jangan lupa dicantumin linknya. (ini etika).
Inget yah… Dalam hal ini saya bicara artikel..

Q: Pendapat tentang artikel2 Private Label Rights sebagai content?
A: Gak masalah, Yang penting tuh PLR nya itu unik dan dijual dengan terbatas.
Ini yang penting..

Q: Yang paling utama dalam content?
A: Keyword. Ngapain tulis panjang lebar tapi gak ada niche keywordnya.
Sama aja pepesan kosong.

Q: Pentingkah layout/desain situs? A
dakah hubungannya dengan pendapatan?

A: Design gak penting. Yang penting keyword, bukan content, bukan design juga.
Malah yang banyak design ngeloadnya lama.
Dan bakal ditinggalin pengunjung.
Prinsip saya waktu buat website, web saya harus terbuka dalam 3 detik.

Q: Adakah hubungannya dengan pendapatan?
A: Jelas ada hubungannya, kalau webnya ngeload nya lama.
Ditinggalin deh ma pengunjung.

Q: Mana yang lebih penting, CTR ato CPC?
A: Hahah… Kalau Tanya gue, sih CPC…Karena buat adsense buat dapatin duit.
Trafik banyak kalau gak dapet duit sama juga boong.

Q: Jumlah situs saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 167 website

Q: Banyak situs = banyak earning.
A: Setuju, banyak yang Tanya kesaya.
Bagaimana bisa dapat ratusan dollar perhari.
Saya jawab buat 200 web terus targetin 1 web hasilin $1.
Uda deh pasti dapat.
200web x $1/hari = $200/hari.
$200 x 30 hari = $6,000 an.
Taruh anda gagal, 50% nya aja anda dapat $3,000an.
Anggap aja ini masih terlalu muluk.
Ini yang anda dapat $1,000 an.
Lumayan Kan.

Seputar SEO dan Traffic
Q: Sumber trafik, iklan ato search engine?
A: 50% dari SE, 40% dari JV, 10% dari iklan (adwords)

Q: Tehnik promosi melalui iklan yang sering digunakan?
A: Opt-in list dan JV. Kalau kepepet pasang adwords.

Q: Tehnik SEO yang sering digunakan?
A: Grey SEO…hehehehe… 🙂

Q: Tool seputar SEO, content, dll, yang digunakan?
A: Kalau content bayar staff. Untuk SEO saya pake software buatan temen.

Q: Pendapat ttg tool2 tsb?
A: Untuk tools hanya membantu, gak 1000% berhasil. Paling cuman 10%an. Lain-lain

Q: Pendapatan dari adsense dibuat apa?
A: Dibuat untuk persiapan nikah, bantu ortu saudara dan di sumbangin ke yayasan.

Q: Barang/sesuatu paling berkesan yang dibeli dari Adsense dan online earning lainnya?
A: Income gue yang pertama langsung gue beliin 2 laptop (NEC dan HP), beli motor baru karena dulu mainnya dari warnet dan motornya butut abiz… hehee…

Sudah bikin blog tapi gak ada pengunjung yang dateng?
Banyak baca tentang SEO tapi masih bingung?
Atau sudah mengimplementasikan berbagai tehnik SEO tapi hasilnya nol?
Jangan keburu menyerah dan patah semangat karena janganjangan justru Anda yang salah jalan dan kurang paham mengenai SEO itu sendiri.

Kenapa demikian?
Karena sesungguhnya SEO itu sama sekali gak sulit dan mudah untuk dipraktekkan, asalkan Anda paham benar apa itu SEO.

Dan dengan praktek yang benar, tentu saja hasilnya juga dapat membuat Anda tersenyum.

Fast Track “SEO Gak Ribet” adalah sebuah acara persembahan CosaAranda.Net yang ditujukan kepada para pebisnis internet yang ingin mengenal tentang SEO.

Sesuai namanya, fokus dari materi adalah pemahaman tentang SEO itu sendiri (beserta praktek tentunya) dari sudut pandang yang mungkin sama sekali tidak pernah Anda bayangkan.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut dan pendaftaran, kunjungi:

Q: Apa akan seterusnya bermain adsense?
A: Yah… Sampai anak cucu.

Q: Adsense is death.
A: Tergantung yah.
Kalau dibilang mati gak juga, Mungkin karena komisi pay per click yang kecil tapi kalau mau komisi yang besar main pay per sale atau pay per lead.

Q: Harapan seputar Adsense?
A: Di indo dunia per-internet marketing-an bisa maju, gak saling sikut malah bisa saling bekerjasama.

Q: Pesan untuk publisher baru?
A: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Punya alasan yang kuat,untuk apa main adsense?
Cari orang yang berhasil.
Deketin kalau bisa ngemis… Sering2 Berdiskusi dengan pemain yang lain.
Dapat ilmu dikit langsung praktek.
Jangan banyak kritik dan komentar.

Successful AdSense Publisher: BursaBeasiswa

Beasiswa adalah salah satu topik favorit yang dipilih oleh publisher AdSense Indonesia.
Dan salah seorang trend-setter niche ini adalah pria berumur 29 tahun yang dikenal dengan nick BursaBeasiswa.
Ya, saat situs-situs beasiswa berbasis AdSense belum menjamur seperti sekarang, ia sudah asik mendulang dolar dari situs beasiswanya.

Hal lain yang patut diacungi jempol dari cowok yang tinggal di Semarang ini adalah keberaniannya untuk berpromosi dengan cara yang masih jarang dilakukan oleh publisher Indonesia.
Yaitu dengan memanfaatkan Detik Publisher, layanan press release milik DetikCom yang biayanya tidak sedikit.
Namun dapat dilihat, hasil yang diperoleh juga tidak sedikit 🙂

Nah, selamat menyimak hasil wawancaranya.

Seputar Adsense dan Online Earning
Q: Sejak kapan menekuni bisnis Adsense?
A: September 2005

Q: Alasan maen Adsense?
A: Efektif, efisien, fleksible, hasil menjanjikan

Q: Apakah langsung sukses?
A: Ya ndak lah

Q: Penghasilan di bulan pertama?
A: $180

Q: Penghasilan per bulan dari Adsense saat ini (kisaran)?
A: $2500 – $3500

Q: Sumber pendapatan selain Adsense?
A: Mengajar

Q: Total penghasilan per bulan dari internet saat ini (kisaran)?
A: $2500 – $3500

Seputar Situs dan Content
Q: Lebih suka mana, blog ato website?
A: Website, lebih customizable mengikuti selera kita

Q: Niche-specific ato general?
A: Niche-specific.
Sedikit saingan di search engine

Q: Jika niche-specific, apa topik favorit?
A: Beasiswa, ilmu kedokteran klinik dasar

Q: Pendapat tentang HPK?
A: Duh, HPK tu apa ya?
maklum kurang gaul

Q: Content berasal darimana?
A: Googling, milis, journal, textbook

Q: Pendapat tentang copy-paste content?
A: No problem, just do it

Q: Pendapat tentang artikel2 Private Label Rights sebagai content?
A: Jangan deh kalo bisa..

Q: Yang paling utama dalam content?
A: Berkualitas, bermanfaat, bukan sembarang comot

Q: Pentingkah layout/desain situs?
A: Penting banget

Q: Adakah hubungannya dengan pendapatan?
A: Ada, sebab desain menentukan CTR

Q: Mana yang lebih penting, CTR ato CPC?
A: Dua-duanya, kalo CTR kecil, CPC besar bisa membantu.
Dan sebaliknya

Q: Jumlah situs saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 3

Q: Banyak situs = banyak earning.
A: setujuuu..
makin banyak pintu rezeki dong 🙂 Seputar SEO dan Traffic

Q: Sumber trafik, iklan ato search engine?
A: Iklan dan search engine

Q: Tehnik promosi melalui iklan yang sering digunakan?
A: AdWords, Detik Publishing, banner

Q: Tehnik SEO yang sering digunakan?
A: Google tap

Q: Tool seputar SEO, content, dll, yang digunakan?
A: Ndak pake tool-tool-an

Q: Pendapat ttg tool2 tsb?
A: No comment yet Lain-lain

Q: Pendapatan dari adsense dibuat apa?
A: Keperluan sehari-hari, nabung, beli kendaraan, nyicil ini itu, hahaha

Q: Barang/sesuatu paling berkesan yang dibeli dari Adsense dan online earning lainnya?
A: Mainan untuk sang buah hati

Q: Apa akan seterusnya bermain adsense?
A: Selagi masih ada adsense kenapa nggak

Q: Adsense is death. Pendapat?
A: Mungkin saja, cari alternatif lain sebagai cadangan

Q: Harapan seputar Adsense?
A: Bisa EFT ke Indonesia, bisa melihat advertiser yang site-targeted ke website kita

Q: Pesan untuk publisher baru?
A: Jujur.. jujur.. jujur…. zakat… sedekah… sedekah…

Successful AdSense Publisher: Pogung177

Meskipun lebih dikenal sebagai jagonya affiliate, bukan berarti cowok yang tinggal di Jogja ini tidak mumpuni di dunia AdSense.

Sebaliknya, pogung177 mampu menggabungkan keduanya secara optimal dan meraih hasil yang optimal pula.

Perlu diketahui, persaingan di bisnis affiliate relatif lebih terjal dibandingkan AdSense.

Salah satu modal utama dari pria berumur 27 tahun ini adalah pengalaman dan jam terbangnya yang udah cukup layak untuk disebut veteran.

Jadi jangan heran kalo pengetahuannya di bidang-bidang yang terkait dengan internet business, termasuk SEO, cukup luas. Di forum AdSense-ID sendiri, nama pogung177 cukup dikenal sebagai sosok yang mau meluangkan waktunya untuk berbagi ilmu dengan yang lain.

Now, it’s interview time!!!

Seputar Adsense dan Online Earning
Q: Sejak kapan menekuni bisnis Adsense?
A: Kalo gak salah setelah beberapa bulan Adsense dilauncing sekitar tahun 2003 dan affiliasi sejak tahun 2000

Q: Alasan maen Adsense?
A: Sebagai kombinasi dengan situs affiliasi marketing, ato sekedar memberikan situs alternative bagi visitor web affiliasi saya.

Q: Apakah langsung sukses? Jika tidak, apa kendala2 yang ada di awal?
A: Pada awalnya tidak terlalu dioptimasi, karena hasilnya kurang daripada hasil dari pada affiliasi.
Sukses diukur darimana..?
Jumlah yang dihasilkan..?
Kalo semua diukur dari jumlah nominal, bukan sukses namanya, hanya sekedar kepuasan

Q: Penghasilan di bulan pertama?
A: $7 aja (screenshot)

Q: Penghasilan per bulan dari Adsense saat ini (kisaran)?
A: Relative dalam artian selalu berubah, saya dalam kisaran rata2 aja, sekitar kurang lebih $400/bulan

Q: Sumber pendapatan selain Adsense?
A: Affiliasi Web Marketing

Q: Total penghasilan per bulan dari internet saat ini (kisaran)?
A: Kombinasi afiliasi+ adsense, kurang lebih $800 aja.
Angka ini juga relative suka berubah-ubah.

Seputar Situs dan Content
Q: Lebih suka mana, blog ato website?
A: Lebih suka web yang pasti, mudah di-customize sendiri.

Q: Niche-specific ato general?
A: General aja, kalo Niche cenderung dianggap spam.

Q: Pendapat tentang HPK?
A: Lupakan saja

Q: Content berasal darimana?
A: Konten berasal dari Advertiser/Merchant affiliasi saya, kalo yang blog ada yang content buat sendiri, ada yang nge-rangkum.

Q: Pendapat tentang copy-paste content?
A: Plagiat itu namanya, meski beberapa orang mengatakan informasi di internet yang telah dipublish milik umum. Sebagai webmaster, anti dengan cara itu.

Q: Pendapat tentang artikel2 Private Label Rights sebagai content?
A: No-Comment, gak pernah beli ato pake article sebagai sumber penghasilan Adsense

Q: Yang paling utama dalam content?
A: Optimasi content, meski tidak selalu di update yang pasti selalu dirawat aja, karena data yang saya pake bisa lebih dari 50.000 rows.

Q: Pentingkah layout/desain situs?
A: Penting sekali, Webmaster = webdesign + webprograming, kalo salah satu tidak dikuasai, situs yang anda buat tidak ada nilainya.
Visitor sekarang juga sudah mulai kritis, semakin bagus layout, semakin percaya dia dengan content didalamnya.

Q: Adakah hubungannya dengan pendapatan?
A: Kalo dengan hubungan dengan pendapatan itu pasti, baik Ads yang di blended/contras-kan, termasuk tata letak yang sesuai, dan pas dengan Term of Services(TOS) Google Adsense.

Q: Mana yang lebih penting, CTR ato CPC? Alasan?
A: CPC itu lebih penting, meski saya selalu melupakan HPK.
Dengan CPC harga Ads yang kita hargai bukan jumlah klik yang kita hargai.

Q: Jumlah situs saat ini (kisaran)?
A: Situs affiliasi sekitar 12, blog cuman 2

Q: Banyak situs = banyak earning.
A: Jangan sampai kita hanya dianggap sebagai webmaster/blogger musiman kalo kita pakai cara diatas

Seputar SEO dan Traffic
Q: Sumber trafik, iklan ato search engine?
A: 100% trafik organic search dari SE (Search Engine), kalo kita biasa menguasai SEO (Search Eninge Optimazion) / SEM (Search Engine Marketing) apa pun yang kita jual/buat pasti laku.
Jangan heran kalo si Shoemoney ( bisa dapet $100K, karena si Shoemoney pakar dalam hal SEO/SEM dan menjadi juara saat kompetisi SEO 2006 (, kalo si Joel Comm itu pinter jualan aja, karena produk yang dia jual bisa kita dapetkan gratis di internet.
There are no Adsense Secret!

Q: Tehnik promosi melalui iklan yang sering digunakan?
A: Putih agak keabuan dikit

Q: Tehnik SEO yang sering digunakan?
A: Standar biaya SEO biasa, optimasi OnPage (optimasi di situs kita sendiri) dan OffPage (campaign link exchange, submit directory, dll)

Q: Tool seputar SEO, content, dll, yang digunakan?
A: Nggak ada yang special, termasuk software SEO pun nggak pernah pake.

Hanya pake tools online gratisan aja yang ada diinternet

Q: Pendapat ttg tool2 tsb?
A: Sebagian membantu, sebagian cuma analisa.
Dan kesemuanya itu juga tidak membuat situs kita jadi top 10 di SE.
Cukup dengan SEO cara natural yang lebih banyak membantu dibanding cara2 instant Lain-lain

Q: Pendapatan dari adsense dibuat apa?
A: Kalo saya affiliasi+adsense, buat kuliah di 2 universitas, salah satunya disini ( ato di Indonesia ada di 4 kota besar Jakarta, Yogya, Surabaya, dan Medan.

Sempet buat juga bayar kursus ORACLE License juga.

Sekarang buka usaha offline digital printing, juga dari hasil diatas.

Kalo beli Motor+laptop pake hasil affiliasi.

Q: Barang/sesuatu paling berkesan yang dibeli dari Adsense dan online earning lainnya?
A: Nggak ada, biasa2 aja, lah wong cuman barang mati :p

Q: Apa akan seterusnya bermain adsense?
A: Kemungkinan 100% masih

Q: Adsense is death.
A: Not yet, lah wong Google bisa beli YouTube $1,6 Billion, kok Adsense mati. Cuman mungkin model/teknologinya nya akan dirubah, disesuaikan dengan trend yang sekarang, Web 2.0 maksudnya.

Q: Harapan seputar Adsense?
A: Nggak ada, ikut ama Google Adsense aja

Q: Pesan untuk publisher baru?
A: Buatlah sesuatu yang blom dibuat orang lain, jangan plagiat, kalo ngerangkum yah dikasih resourcenya-nya, jangan cuman link “via” dengan ukuran font kecil. Kalo masih pusing dengan content bahasa Inggris, kan ada tools untuk terjemahan, yang pasti “more creative”.
Belajar SEO-nya di kencenging.
Jadilah publisher Adsense dari Indonesia dengan cara yang baik dan benar, sesuai TOS Adsense.
Satu lagi, kalo sudah kaya, banyak2 sedekah 😉

Successful AdSense Publisher: Lukick

Sejak lama, nama Lukick telah banyak dikenal oleh kalangan publisher AdSense Indonesia dikarenakan layanan pencairan cek instan yang ia tawarkan di
Saya sendiri sudah seringkali memanfaatkan jasa tersebut dan emang terbukti, sesuai yang dijanjikan, bahwa cek akan cair dalam jangka waktu paling lama 1 hari setelah cek diterima (hari kerja).

Beberapa waktu lalu, cowok Bali berumur 23 tahun ini kembali bikin heboh. Berita tentang mobil baru yang dibelinya dari hasil AdSense tiba-tiba beredar di forum. Dan setelah dikonfirmasi, memang demikianlah adanya. Ternyata, gak cuman nyairin cek, ia juga jago nyari cek, hehehe.

Ada apa di balik kesuksesan Lukick? Temukan jawabannya di interview berikut 🙂

Seputar Adsense dan Online Earning
Q: Sejak kapan menekuni bisnis Adsense?
A: 1 tahun

Q: Alasan maen Adsense?
A: Iseng aja… dikasi tau temen

Q: Apakah langsung sukses?
A: Nggak langsung sukses , 4 kali di banded..

Q: Penghasilan di bulan pertama?
A: 50 dollar

Q: Penghasilan per bulan dari Adsense saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 4 digit lah…

Q: Sumber pendapatan selain Adsense?
A: Nyairin cek, paypopup

Q: Total penghasilan per bulan dari internet saat ini (kisaran)?
A: Wah… diatas 4 digit tapi lom 5 digit

Q: Berapa jam / hari (rata2) untuk bisnis internet?
A: 5-6 jam konsen/ 24 online

Seputar Situs dan Content
Q: Lebih suka mana, blog ato website?
A: Website, karena lebih asik

Q: Pendapat tentang HPK?
A: Sangat bagus

Q: Content berasal darimana?
A: Buat sendiri.. dunk

Q: Pendapat tentang copy-paste content?
A: Bagus, silahkan di coba

Q: Pendapat tentang artikel2 Private Label Rights sebagai content?
A: Lumayan keren juga

Q: Yang paling utama dalam content?
A: Keywordnya dunk

Q: Pentingkah layout/desain situs?
Adakah hubungannya dengan pendapatan?
A: Nggak penting sih… yang penting pendapatan naik

Q: Mana yang lebih penting, CTR ato CPC?
A: Impression lah

Q: Jumlah situs saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 40an

Q: Banyak situs = banyak earning.
A: Ya jelas lah… Seputar SEO dan Traffic

Q: Sumber trafik, iklan ato search engine?
A: Search Engine

Q: Tehnik promosi melalui iklan yang sering digunakan?

Q: Tehnik SEO yang sering digunakan?

Q: Tool seputar SEO, content, dll, yang digunakan?

Q: Pendapat ttg tool2 tsb?
A: Sangat bagus

Dalam dunia bisnis internet, banyak sekali yang menawarkan tool, script, ebook, maupun produk digital lainnya dengan iming-iming segunung.

Memang tidak semuanya buruk, namun ya itu, tidak juga semuanya baik.

Kalau harganya murah sih gpp, tapi tahu sendiri, harga produk-produk digital tersebut rata-rata berbunyi puluhan dolar (ratusan ribu rupiah).

Bisa bikin kantong kempes kalau terus-terusan tertipu membeli produk “sampah”.
Gabung aja dengan CosaAranda.Biz, situs membership pertama di Indonesia yang menyediakan produk-produk digital secara legal.

Semua produk yang dibeli adalah berdasarkan masukan dan polling dari anggota (pertama di dunia), sehingga tingkat manfaatnya jauh lebih tinggi.

Satu lagi, dana untuk membeli produk berasal dari sebagian biaya membership yang dibayarkan oleh anggota, sehingga dengan semakin banyaknya anggota yang bergabung, secara otomatis produk yang bisa dibeli akan semakin mahal atau semakin bertambah jumlahnya.

Langsung aja deh meluncur ke situs CosaAranda.Biz ☺


Q: Pendapatan dari adsense dibuat apa?
A: Buat amal, sama nikah nanti

Q: Barang/sesuatu paling berkesan yang dibeli dari Adsense dan online earning lainnya?

Q: Apa akan seterusnya bermain adsense?
A: Semasih adsense jalan ya tetep main

Q: Adsense is death.
A: Nggak papa, sante aja

Q: Harapan seputar Adsense?

Q: Pesan untuk publisher baru?

Successful AdSense Publisher: Ucok

Salah satu yang saya kagumi dari para publisher Adsense yang udah sukses adalah hampir semuanya memiliki sifat low-profile.

Kalo bahasa Jawanya itu, “gak ngetoki lek pinter“, hehehe.

Tidak terkecuali “korban” wawancara berikut ini, Ucok, yang siapa sangka, dulu adalah AdSenser Indonesia yang paling berhasil meraup dolar di internet.

Bagaimana tidak, saat posisi dolar ada di angka Rp 15.000, penghasilan pria berumur 27 tahun ini adalah 5 digit per bulan.

Silahkan hitung sendiri rupiah yang diperoleh setelah cek dicairkan.

Sama seperti kebanyakan publisher AdSense di Indonesia, Ucok bertempat tinggal di Yogyakarta.

Dan sama seperti pogung177, rekan kita ini juga memanfaatkan AdSense sebagai penunjang program-program affiliate yang lain.

Nah, lalu bagaimana ia dapat meraih keberhasilan seperti sekarang ini?
Simak jawabannya di interview berikut.

Seputar Adsense dan Online Earning
Q: Sejak kapan menekuni bisnis Adsense?
A: 2001

Q: Alasan maen Adsense?
A: Dapet dollar

Q: Apakah langsung sukses?
Jika tidak, apa kendala2 yang ada di awal?
A: Tidak dong.
Sampe sekarang masalahnya tetep koneksi internet yang kurang handal

Q: Penghasilan di bulan pertama?
A: $50

Q: Penghasilan per bulan dari Adsense saat ini (kisaran)?
A: Tinggal 3 digit

Q: Sumber pendapatan selain Adsense?
A: text link, affiliate, paid service

Q: Total penghasilan per bulan dari internet saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 4 digit

Seputar Situs dan Content
Q: Lebih suka mana, blog ato website?
A: Suka dua2nya …

Q: Niche-specific ato general?
A: General, biar gak bosen

Q: Pendapat tentang HPK?
A: Gak mikirin, yang penting dapet $

Q: Content berasal darimana?
A: Banyak sumber

Q: Pendapat tentang copy-paste content?
A: Jangan mentah2 lah

Q: Pendapat tentang artikel2 Private Label Rights sebagai content?
A: Wah gak pernah make je

Q: Yang paling utama dalam content?
A: Aktualitas

Q: Pentingkah layout/desain situs?
Adakah hubungannya dengan pendapatan?
A: Penting banget … ya ngaruh ke return visitor kali ya

Q: Mana yang lebih penting, CTR ato CPC?
A: Dua2nya

Q: Jumlah situs saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 200an

Q: Banyak situs = banyak earning.
A: Setuju … kalo yang satu down yang lain bisa nambalin … or ban serep gitu Seputar SEO dan Traffic

Q: Sumber trafik, iklan ato search engine?
A: SE doang

Q: Tehnik SEO yang sering digunakan?
A: Backlink

Q: Tool seputar SEO, content, dll, yang digunakan?
A: Tidak ada

Q: Pendapat ttg tool2 tsb?
A: Useless

Q: Pendapatan dari adsense dibuat apa?
A: Rumah, mobil, tanah, dll

Q: Barang/sesuatu paling berkesan yang dibeli dari Adsense dan online earning lainnya?
A: Waktu earningku masih 5 digit bisa beli rumah ma mobil

Q: Apa akan seterusnya bermain adsense?
A: Jujur aja, udah jenuh banget main adsense

Q: Adsense is death.
A: Wong baru lahir kok mau mati … masih panjang lah umurnya

Q: Harapan seputar Adsense?
A: Bisa EFT ke indonesia

Q: Pesan untuk publisher baru?
A: Tidak ada $ instan … semua butuh kerja keras dan kesabaran

Successful AdSense Publisher: Radian

Dibandingkan dengan publisher AdSense lain yang diwawancara, Radian mungkin adalah nama yang paling akhir bergabung di komunitas AdSenser Indonesia.

Tapi jangan salah, cowok berumur 26 tahun ini justru sudah berkenalan dengan bisnis AdSense sejak tahun 2003 lalu, lebih awal dibandingkan sebagian besar publisher-publisher lainnya.

Bernama lengkap Hanhan Radian Firmansyah dan bertempat tinggal di Subang, Radian termasuk anggota yang cukup aktif berbagi di forum.

Kehadirannya juga cukup menyemarakkan forum, apalagi dengan gambar avatarnya yang anehaneh, hehehe.

Yah, mungkin itu lah salah satu caranya untuk membuat para publisher AdSense lebih bersemangat untuk bekerja.

Mari kita simak wawancaranya berikut ini.

Seputar Adsense dan Online Earning
Q: Sejak kapan menekuni bisnis Adsense?
A: Tahun 2003

Q: Alasan maen Adsense?
A: Pertamanya iseng aja, ternyata iseng-iseng nguntungin juga, akhirnya ketagihan.
Alasan setelah ketagihan, aku pengen merubah hidup karena aku dilahirkan dari keluarga pas-pasan.

Q: Apakah langsung sukses?
Jika tidak, apa kendala2 yang ada di awal?
A: Tidak langsung sukses… justru aku pertamanya lama banget untuk mendapatkan earningnya.

Kirakira setelah 4-6 bulan (lupa) baru deh dapet $143.83.
Jadi kalau gak sabaran, udah aku tinggalin Adsense ini.
Kendalanya dulu aku belum ada temen untuk curhat masalah adsense, kalau sekarang kan enak ada forum

Terus waktu itu juga kan aku belum punya komputer sama sekali, belajar komputer aja di warnet termasuk bikin situs apapun langsung diwarnet pake subdomain dan situs gratisan.

Jadi bener-bener otodidak banget.
Masalah keuangan juga adalah kendala terbesar, maklum anak kost karena waktu itu masih mahasiswa (lulus 2005). Bahkan aku sempet makan cuma sekali perhari hanya demi warnet!

Q: Penghasilan di bulan pertama?
A: $35.02

Q: Penghasilan per bulan dari Adsense saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 3-4 digit (turun-naik/tergantung mood) ;D

Q: Sumber pendapatan selain Adsense?
A: Clickbooth, Adengage, AdBrite, Affiliate Programs, Banners, etc.

Q: Total penghasilan per bulan dari internet saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 3-4 digit (naik-turun)

Q: Berapa jam / hari (rata2) untuk bisnis internet?
A: Nggak jelas sih berapa jam untuk keperluan bisnis dan berapa jam untuk keperluan yang lain.

Kalau ngurus situs sih paling 1-2 jam/hari dan sisanya iseng-iseng browsing aja dan nongkrong di Jadi kira-kira perhari online 8-12 jam.

Seputar Situs dan Content
Q: Lebih suka mana, blog ato website?
A: Website lah… lebih enak dan bebas mo digimanain juga bentuk dan isinya.

Pokoknya lebih interaktif dan fleksibel aja.

Q: Niche-specific ato general?
A: Pake spesifik biar jelas targetnya, tapi kadang2 general juga sih. ;D

Q: Jika niche-spesific, apa topik favorit?
A: Dating, mobile, classifieds, proxy, direktori, topsites, etc.

Q: Pendapat tentang HPK?
A: Iya kalo berhasil… tapi kalo ngga?
Gigit jari dech!
So, aku gak ikut-ikutan kayak gitu ah… Chapee dech….!

Q: Content berasal darimana?
A: Dari mana-mana khususnya dari users submitted.

Q: Pendapat tentang copy-paste content?
A: Ya boleh-boleh aja asal jangan menghilangkan source-nya.

Q: Pendapat tentang artikel2 Private Label Rights sebagai content?
A: No comment.

Q: Yang paling utama dalam content?
A: Yang lagi hot-hotnya dicari orang dan menarik untuk dibaca.

Q: Pentingkah layout/desain situs?
Adakah hubungannya dengan pendapatan?
A: Penting banget… simple design is the best but faster loaded is everything!
Layout kan berhubungan dengan warna, jadi jelas ada hubungannya dengan pendapatan karena iklan adsense itu sendiri menggunakan variasi warna, jadi kita juga harus pilih warna yang sesuai dan menarik untuk diklik, bukan hanya untuk dilihat.

Jangan asal-asalan coz “Colour is Magic!” Coba buktikan deh!

Q: Mana yang lebih penting, CTR ato CPC?
A: Nggak tahu juga seeh… aku nggak pernah menganalisa dalam-dalam yang penting earning mengalir terus, that’s it!

Q: Jumlah situs saat ini (kisaran)?
A: Yang aktif kurang-lebih 20 situs (yang pake Adsense 10 situs) dan yang sedang disiapkan lebih dari 50 situs (masih no contents, bingung dan malezz ngisinya).

Q: Banyak situs = banyak earning.
A: Setuju banget… karena secara logika misalnya pendapatan per-situsnya cuma $10/bulan tapi kalo kalikan jumlah situs, berapa tuh?! Dan juga emang itu udah hukum alam di dunia adsense.

Seputar SEO dan Traffic
Q: Sumber trafik, iklan ato search engine?
A: Dari Search Engine 96% dan iklan 4%.

Q: Tehnik promosi melalui iklan yang sering digunakan?
A: Pasang banner.

Q: Tehnik SEO yang sering digunakan?
A: Link Exchange dan unique META Tags. (ini tehnik bukan ya?)
Q: Ya 🙂

Q: Tool seputar SEO, content, dll, yang digunakan?
A: Notepad, EditPlus dan WS_FTP95_LE (eh… nyambung gak?)

Q: Nggak 🙂
Q: Pendapat ttg tool2 tsb?
A: Simple but sure. Lain-lain

Q: Pendapatan dari adsense dibuat apa?
A: Nabung buat nikah (tapi boros terus nih), keperluan sehari-hari, beli rokok (gak ada rokok otak gak jalan), bayar hosting dan domain, bayar telepon plus internet, dll.

Q: Barang/sesuatu paling berkesan yang dibeli dari Adsense dan online earning lainnya?
A: Jam tangan (dipake 24×7/365), belinya pas pertama cairin cek dari Adsense.

Biar inget time is money, money is for life, life is for God!
Q: Apa akan seterusnya bermain adsense?
A: Ya iyya laah… selama hayat masih dikandung badan dan sepanjang bendera Adsense berkibar.
Why not?

Q: Adsense is death.
A: Mungkin aja suatu saat nanti, makanya kita harus sudah siap dengan cadangan atau alternatif online earning yang lainnya yang menjanjikan.
Kan masih banyak tuh.
Pokoknya Adsense is the best but Adsense is not everything!

Q: Harapan seputar Adsense?
A: Mudah-mudahan kita bisa mewariskan proyek ini plus earningnya ke anak-cucu kita.
Dan mudah-mudahan kita semua selamat di dunia dan akhirat!

Q: Pesan untuk publisher baru?
A: Adsense bukan mesin uang dan bukan pula bisnis instan, perlu kesabaran dengan usaha dan kerja keras, biar waktu yang akan menentukan hasilnya.

Jangan lupa banyak bertanya dan tidak sombong.

Pokoknya tongkrongin aja sampai mengerti bener dan bener-bener mengerti sesuai dengan kebutuhan aja sehingga nggak perlu semua hal harus dimengerti. Slow but sure…. but faster is better!

Successful AdSense Publisher: Keeper

Bagi anggota forum AdSense-ID, nama Keeper tentunya sudah tidak asing lagi.
Beliau ini lah yang mendirikan dan kini “mengawasi” jalannya komunitas publisher AdSense Indonesia terbesar di selasela kesibukannya di Tokyo, Jepang.

Berkat kerja keras pria yang ingin identitasnya dirahasiakan ini (tapi bakal gampang dikorek kalo rajin-rajin kontak dia via YM, hehehe) dalam membangun forum, akhirnya AdSenser Indonesia punya media sendiri untuk saling berbagi ilmu dan pengalaman di dunia bisnis internet, khususnya AdSense.

Saya sendiri termasuk yang sudah merasakan manfaatnya.

Salah satu ciri khas dari seorang Keeper adalah tulisan-tulisannya, baik di forum maupun di blog pribadinya, yang inspiratif dan menyejukkan. Mungkin karena didukung oleh faktor usia yang tidak mau kalah dengan kang Ujang, hehehe. Yang jelas, dengan pengalamannya di dunia bisnis internet sejak tahun 2004 lalu, tidaklah salah jika kita menjadikan beliau sebagai salah satu idola dan panutan kita.

Mari kita simak hasil wawancara ekslusif dengan Keeper.

Seputar Adsense dan Online Earning
Q: Sejak kapan menekuni bisnis Adsense?
A: 2004

Q: Alasan maen Adsense?
A: Simpel, dapat dipercaya, mudah dipelajari. Dengan resiko dan investasi minimal, Google Adsense bisa memberikan kita return (keuntungan) yang relatif tak terbatas.
Yang dibutuhkan hanya ide, keseriusan, plus kerja smart/keras.

Q: Apakah langsung sukses?
Jika tidak, apa kendala2 yang ada di awal?
A: Tidak. Karena belum menguasai hal-hal penting atau seluk-beluknya.

Q: Penghasilan di bulan pertama?
A: $13.11

Q: Penghasilan per bulan dari Adsense saat ini (kisaran)?
A: 4.5 digit 🙂

Q: Sumber pendapatan selain Adsense?
A: Text-link, Amazon, dan beberapa program afiliasi lain

Q: Total penghasilan per bulan dari internet saat ini (kisaran)?
A: sda

Q: Berapa jam / hari (rata2) untuk bisnis internet?
A: 1-2 jam Seputar Situs dan Content

Q: Lebih suka mana, blog ato website?
A: Tergantung tujuan dan aplikasi situs.
Saya lebih suka blog/CMS yang punya komunitas online yang besar.

Q: Niche-specific ato general?
A: Sulit memilahkan.
Yang jelas, buat sesuatu yang bermanfaat dan banyak dicari orang.

Q: Pendapat tentang HPK?
A: Lebih baik konsentrasi pada bagaimana membangun trafik daripada pusing dengan HPK 🙂

Q: Content berasal darimana?
A: Domain publik, program afiliasi, freelance writers, terakhir kalau sempat baru buat sendiri 🙂

Q: Pendapat tentang copy-paste content?
A: It’s OK, asal tidak melanggar hak cipta dan mematuhi rambu-rambu yang digariskan pemilik konten.
Karena ada informasi/konten yang sifatnya publik.

Jadi, memang perlu disebarluaskan.
Sedikit catatan.
Untuk mereka yang baru membangun situs/blog, sebaiknya hindari jalan pintas copy-paste ini.

Kemungkinan situs yang baru dibangun itu nanti kesulitan mendapatkan posisi bagus di mata mesin pencari (search engine) akibat terkena masalah konten ganda (duplicate content penalty).

Bila situs/blog sudah mendapatkan posisi bagus dan dianggap sebagai sumber yang otoritatif oleh mesin pencari, sepertinya isu duplicate content bisa sedikit dilanggar. 🙂

Pengen punya blog WordPress yang keren tapi gak punya duit buat beli theme premium atau komersil?
Jangan khawatir, CosaAranda.Net punya solusinya. Produk terbaru kami, “The Art of Stealing WordPress Theme”, akan mengajarkan kepada Anda tehniktehnik mudah untuk ehm… mencuri alias meniru theme-theme WordPress milik orang lain.

Termasuk yang komersil sekalipun!
Produk ini disajikan dalam kumpulan video tutorial dan berbagai ebook penunjang, sehingga diharapkan, meskipun tidak bertatap muka secara langsung, proses tutorial akan dapat berlangsung dengan lancar.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan kunjungi halaman resmi produk “The Art of Stealing WordPress Themes” di:

Q: Pendapat tentang artikel2 Private Label Rights sebagai content?
A: “A good start” buat yang masih kesulitan atau dalam tahap belajar untuk menulis dalam bahasa Inggris.
Artikel yang sifatnya PLR biasanya sudah utuh dan jelas temanya.

Tinggal di-parafrase-kan saja terus jadilah konten yang unik.
Nah, parafrase adalah jalan tengah buat mereka yang ingin punya konten original namun tidak punya cukup waktu untuk membuat sendiri (baik karena kesibukan maupun karena kendala bahasa).

Bagi yang sibuk, parafrase artikel PLR bisa menghemat waktu.
Untuk yang memiliki kendala bahasa, parafrase ini bisa dijadikan proses belajar yang cepat dan efisien.

Q: Yang paling utama dalam content?
A: Informatif, bermanfaat, dan banyak dicari orang.
Intinya: buatlah sesuatu yang layak kunjung (worth visiting).
Supaya saat pengunjung singgah di situs kita, mereka merasa waktunya tidak percuma.

Q: Pentingkah layout/desain situs?
Adakah hubungannya dengan pendapatan?
A: Penting.
Ibarat sebuah ruangan.
Orang akan lebih betah bila berada di ruangan yang rapi nan bersih daripada di tempat ang semrawut lagi kotor. Begitu juga dengan situs, pengunjung tentu lebih nyaman berlama-lama di situs yang desain/layout-nya menarik.

Akibatnya, jumlah page view meningkat dan probabilitas iklan adsense mendapat klik juga bisa naik.
Muaranya, kemungkinan besar earning juga akan meningkat.

Q: Mana yang lebih penting, CTR ato CPC?
A: Idealnya sih keduanya, CTR dan CPC, tinggi.
Bila memakai iklan PPC (Pay per Click) semacam Adwords sebagai media promosi, tentu saja CPC lebih penting.

Sebisa mungkin CPC-nya iklan Adsense jauh lebih besar daripada CPC yang harus dibayar untuk promosi lewat Adwords.

Q: Jumlah situs saat ini (kisaran)?
A: Kira-kira 10.
Tapi yang terurus paling 3-4.
Itupun dua di antaranya diurus orang lain, outsourcing 🙂

Q: Banyak situs = banyak earning.
A: Tergantung situsnya.
Kalau jumlah situs banyak dan semua produktif ya earning nya juga banyak.
Namun tentu saja sulit untuk mengurus situs dalam jumlah banyak (bila dikerjakan sendiri) agar semuanya produktif.

Barangkali pertanyaan yang lebih relevan adalah bagaimana mengurus banyak situs agar semua bisa produktif 🙂 Seputar SEO dan Traffic

Q: Sumber trafik, iklan ato search engine?
A: Dua-duanya

Q: Tehnik promosi melalui iklan yang sering digunakan?
A: Google Adwords, Text-links

Q: Tehnik SEO yang sering digunakan?
A: Yang best practices saja.
Artinya, yang sering direkomendasikan dan dipakai banyak orang.

Q: Tool seputar SEO, content, dll, yang digunakan?
A: Tidak ada.

Q: Pendapat ttg tool2 tsb?
A: Tidak ada.

Q: Pendapatan dari adsense dibuat apa?
A: Tambahan biaya hidup, biaya studi untuk istri, traveling keluarga, tabungan.

Q: Barang/sesuatu paling berkesan yang dibeli dari Adsense dan online earning lainnya?
A: Notebook untuk menunjang studi istri.

Q: Apa akan seterusnya bermain adsense?
A: Tentu saja, selama masih memungkinkan. Apalagi passive income dari Adsense saat ini jauh lebih besar dari pada gaji bekerja sebagai PNS di tanah air.

Q: Adsense is death.
A: Kalau pendapat pribadi sih sepertinya masih jauh.
Mengingat semakin berkembangnya aplikasi berbasis web dan bertambah banyaknya pengguna Internet.
Saya rasa iklan kontekstual di Internet, seperti Google Adwords, jauh lebih efektif daripada cara beriklan di media-media konvensional.

Karenanya, saya yakin Adwords masih menjadi pilihan para pemasang iklan beberapa tahun ke depan.
Kalau Adwords masih hidup, ya… semoga saja kesempatan “berwirausaha” buat para publisher Adsense tetap ada.

Q: Harapan seputar Adsense?
A: Semoga bisa bertahan lama. Semoga juga program serupa milik Yahoo lekas dibuka untuk publisher Internasional, atau muncul penyedia program yang sama yang selevel dengan Google dan Yahoo.

Semakin banyak alternatif tentu saja daya tawar kita sebagai publisher akan lebih baik.

Q: Pesan untuk publisher baru?
A: Ini bukan pesan, melainkan pengalaman dan pengamatan pribadi saja.
Semoga bermanfaat buat teman-teman publisher baru.
Dalam masa enam bulan pertama, sebaiknya memfokuskan diri pada bagaimana membangun situs dengan trafik memadai. Kerahkan sebagian besar energi untuk membangun trafik terlebih dahulu.

Karena kunci sebagian besar program online earning adalah trafik.
Pada tahap ini, ekspektasi atau harapan kita adalah berapa banyak visitor yang akan mengunjungi situs kita dari hari ke hari, bukan berapa $$$ earning kita hari ini.

1. Upayakan agar bisa cepat ter-index oleh mesin pencari. Menempatkan link pada situssitus/forum dengan rangking (PR=Page Rank) tinggi adalah salah satu cara efektif.

2. Sebisa mungkin lakukan updating setiap hari.

3. Pelajari dan aplikasikan prinsip-prinsip SEO (Search Engine Optimization=Optimasi Mesin Pencari). Termasuk bagaimana membangun subscriber lists.

4. Sekali lagi, sebisa mungkin lakukan updating setiap hari Bila situs sudah punya trafik, baru relevan untuk melakukan hal-hal lain yang mendukung earning, seperti optimasi posisi iklan Adsense, jumlah unit iklan, dan lain-lain.

Jangan putus asa bila selama enam bulan pertama atau bahkan setahun pertama earning Anda belum beranjak dari nol. Teruslah berusaha.
Begitu berhasil membangun satu situs yang memiliki trafik memadai, Anda sudah punya satu mesin finansial yang siap berproduksi tanpa terikat waktu.

Patut dicatat juga, satu situs dengan trafik lumayan adalah situs betina.
Dia bisa menelurkan banyak cara untuk menambah earning.
Dan Anda pun bisa melakukan banyak hal kalau sudah punya satu situs betina saja. Jadi, Go, create your first situs betina! 🙂

Story Marketing

Beberapa buku kepemimpinan mencatat suksesnya para pimpinan perusahaan dalam meningkatkan kinerja dan loyalitas karyawannya melalui cerita.
Ya, hanya bermodal cerita.

Bukan yang fiktif tentunya, namun yang benar-benar terjadi dan berhubungan, baik secara langsung maupun tidak langsung, dengan perusahaan tersebut.

Salah satunya adalah Medtronic, sebuah perusahaan yang fokus di bidang kedokteran / medis.

Kisah keberhasilan produk mereka dalam membantu menyelamatkan hidup orang lain berulang kali disematkan dalam benak puluhan ribu karyawan Medtronic.

Alhasil, tidak hanya yang berinteraksi langsung dengan pasien saja yang dapat merasakan emosi dan perasaan orang-orang yang memanfaatkan produk mereka, bahkan karyawan sekelas manajer yang jarang berhadapan langsung dengan dokter atau pun pasien pun turut merasa bahagia apabila ada satu nyawa lagi yang berhasil diselamatkan.

Seperti dikutip dari buku “Around The Corporate Campfire” karangan Evelyn Clark (terjemahan bahasa Indonesia diterbitkan oleh Gramedia, Januari 2007):

Jelas bahwa prestasi itu membuat para pemimpin dan pemegang saham Medtronic sangat bersemangat.

Namun, itu bukanlah tujuan sesungguhnya mengapa para pegawai perusahaan ini datang bekerja setiap hari dengan bersemangat.

Sumber antusiasme mereka dapat ditelusuri melalui beragam cerita, seperti yang dikisahkan beberapa tahun lalu di program liburan oleh seorang pria.

Nyawa pria ini juga diselamatkan oleh perangkat pacu jantung Medtronic.

Anaknya bekerja di Medtronic, bukan sebagai ilmuwan atau petugas penjualan, namun sebagai seorang manajer yang tidak terbiasa berinteraksi dengan para pasien atau dokter.

“Pada suatu malam, setelah beberapa lama bekerja di Medtronic, ia menelpon ke rumah,” ujar sang ayah kepada para hadiran.

Mereka mengobrol, hingga kemudian anaknya berkata pelan, “Papa, hari ini aku menyelamatkan nyawa seseorang.” Jelas sudah bahwa rangkaian kata yang bersumber dari kejadian nyata memiliki kekuatan untuk mempengaruhi atau mengubah pikiran dan memotivasi seseorang.

Dalam banyak pengaplikasian, hasil akhir yang tercapai tidak hanya meningkatnya motivasi karyawan terhadap apa yang mereka kerjakan, namun juga turut mendongkrak hasil penjualan produk mereka.

Inilah yang dinamakan dengan Story Marketing atau pemasaran berbasis cerita.

Dalam internet business, Story Marketing dapat dianggap sebagai percabangan dari Article Marketing.

Contohnya mudah, lihat saja sales page produk-produk digital yang bertebaran di dunia maya.

Rata-rata menceritakan pengalaman mereka dan juga manfaat yang mereka dapatkan setelah menggunakan produk tersebut. Ini ditambah pula dengan disertakannya beberapa testimoni yang mendukung.

Namun, berbeda dengan Article Marketing yang lebih memanfaatkan layanan-layanan article directory, Story Marketing justru akan lebih optimal hasilnya apabila diaplikasikan melalui blog atau forum.

Atau komunitas lah pada intinya. Dengan berbagi cerita dan pengalaman kepada komunitas kita, maka tingkat awareness mereka terhadap produk yang kita ceritakan akan bertambah. Syukur-syukur kalau nantinya terjadi konversi.

Permasalahnnya, di Indonesia saat ini kebanyakan masih berfokus pada Article Marketing.

Yang memanfaatkan media blog pun jarang sekali yang menulis berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi mereka. Kebanyakan hanya mempromosikan, bukan merekomendasikan. Tahu bedanya kan? 🙂

Misalnya begini:

1. Join program affiliate XXX yuk, banyak produknya dan minimum payoutnya cuman $10.

Daftarnya lewat referral link-ku yah.

2. Kemarin aku baru daftar program affiliate XXX.

Ternyata lumayan, banyak pilihan produknya. Setelah aku baca-baca lagi, minimum payoutnya juga cuman $10. Kayaknya perlu nih untuk dicoba.

Ada yang mau coba bareng?

Jelas terlihat kan yang mana yang promosi dan yang mana yang merekomendasi?

Sayangnya, pasar Indonesia juga masih perlu diedukasi lagi untuk tidak gampang terpesona oleh strategi pemasaran yang mengandalkan angka dicetak tebal dan screenshot yang tampak asli.

Sekali lagi, mana yang sekedar berpromosi untuk mendapat komisi dan mana yang merekomendasi secara jujur harus jeli dibedakan.

Yang jelas tidak perlu down dan bunuh diri kalau Anda pernah jadi korban penipuan sales page, karena saya juga berulang kali pernah mengalaminya, hehehe.

Intinya, jika Anda memiliki sebuah blog, terutama blog bisnis, terapkanlah Story Marketing dengan sebaik-baiknya. Honest and based on true experience itu yang utama. Percayalah, keduanya akan membawa hasil yang optimal.

Eh, tapi jangan lupa untuk membangun komunitas terlebih dahulu yah 🙂


WATCH: Andi Manzano’s Daughter Olivia Tries Vlogging

WATCH: Andi Manzano’s Daughter Olivia Tries Vlogging
The GoProHero6 action camera lets you record up to 4K from pretty much any kind of vantage point including yourself, someone else or anything you can mount it to.

It, like the GH5, has 5-axis stabilization allowing much more freehand vlogging walking down the street.

While Canon may be more popular in the YouTube vlogging territory the features of the D5300 are perfect for bloggers who want the experience of a great DSLR at a reasonable price.

Sometimes I can’t get enough natural light, and I have to play more with my camera settings or hunt for good light in a different room.

Lighting can come into play when working both indoors and out; not just in dim conditions, but also on bright days when you want to fill in some shadows on you or your subject’s face.

I want to apologize to anyone who saw the video.

Who is Your Audience on YouTube?
Thankfully half of that research has been done with our team having over 5 years experience in videography and YouTube Vlogging.

They have been approached about having a ‘proper’ TV channel document their lives.

Some of the most famous vloggers have accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers, and their videos are watched by millions.

It has all the qualities that make it a worth buying a camera as it provides classiest images and videos that add an extra flavor to your blogs.

It makes use of SD card for storage of the recorded videos and images.

Since it is the basic point and shoot camera, you will have no option for improving the quality of the images via manual controls.

High-quality video is the best feature of 80D canon vlogging camera, while it can’t shoot 4k but it compensates by offering 1080/60p capture and auto-focus continuously while shooting videos.

However, as an actual camera, there are some serious shortcomings.

However, the Vlog space lacked a dominant hosting platform.

If you plan on making a vlog a part of your life it’s important to have a camera that’s easy to use while on the go.

Pros and cons of Different Vlogging camera with the flip screen.

Incredible action vlogging camera comparing to its size outstands some of the cameras that cost more, plus it’s adorable since it can fit in the palm of your hand with its cubic look.

1080p video recording ensures you get solid performance out of this Canon Rebel T6 DSLR camera kit.

There are lots of cameras out there but not all those types could facilitate your need for recording videos for vlogs.

Unlike blogs, which can be edited easily, vlogs have to be either taken down or re-made to correct the error.

‣Add filters with one tap: change the look of your vlog easily, add effects individually to your clips and make your vlog look unique.

You can also make super slow videos as this camera allows slowing the video for up to 960 fps.

This camera offers 1920 x 1080 pixels in video resolution and has inbuilt WiFi.

It’s obvious you need a camera that can capture good quality video.

Though this is only an entry-level drone, it delivers high-quality HD video.

But for even better quality sound, choose a camera that lets you connect an external mic so you can always upgrade Without that port you’re stuck.

What mic do you use for your vlogging?

What Does Vlogging Equipment Jake Paul Use?
You might want to find a vlogging camera that can keep up with your content.

The filter effects are there too if you want to experiment with the photos that you take.

There are many different advantages and disadvantages of vlogging.

It is the most favorite camera among the YouTube community because of its awesome continuous AF and unique features that are so useful for YouTubers or Vloggers.

Go to BlogTalk Radio as well to see what others are doing.

The 16.1 MP APS-C Sensor allows you to capture outstanding stills with defocused, pro-grade backgrounds.

Finally, the best feature of the camera – an excellent weather-sealed design that allows it to be used in all types of weather.

You can choose a point and shoot camera that already uses an advanced type of lens or you may opt for cameras with interchangeable lenses.

The software required for editing can also cost you a little amount.

The camera comes up with a 1.0″, 20.2 MP CMOS sensor lens with a DIGIC 6 image processor which can improve autofocus, image stabilization, and perfect image clarity.

Features remote shooting with the help of the camera connects app.

Vidcon which started in 2010 is the largest in-person convention for YouTube creators.

42.4 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor.

Enjoy a 20.2 MP CCD sensor for sharp, bright photos and HD videos.

I’d say post videos that you’d watch yourself.

Teachers could also post additional information about a topic allowing it to be differentiated depending on student skills.

Without clear articulation and variation in the pitch of your voice, your monologues may start to sound boring, regardless of how exciting your topic may be.